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New Doctor-Approved All Natural Formula...

How to Beat

By Stephan K. Roth
Health editor
If you’re one of the
millions tortured by
constipation, the news
just got a lot worse. Even
if you suffer with terrible
cramping. Or the painful
pushing, straining and
endless bathroom visits
associated with constipation; it turns out, it could
be just the beginning of
your problems.
According to Dr.
Michael Steelman,
famous bariatric doctor,
“If you don’t get your
constipation under control
your system may be overloaded with waste. The
longer the waste remains
in your system, the more
opportunity there is for
deadly toxins to escape
into your bloodstream,
resulting in fatigue, pain
and worse.”
When you’re constipated fecal matter sits much
longer than it should in
your system. That “toxic
gunk” clings to your colon
walls and decays.

Clogged Colon

which significantly
increased the surface area.

Softer Stools & Faster
The result was a proprietary form of natural
magnesium called Active
Magnesia™. Amazingly,
it acts like a giant sponge
drawing up to 4 times
more water to the colon
than regular magnesium.
And more water means
softer stools and quicker
and easier elimination.*

Laxatives can make
things WORSE.
That’s because most
remedies don’t do enough.
You may get temporary
relief but it turns out
those laxatives and
stimulants you rely on,
with prolonged use, can
intensify your constipation

Finally, a
But now there’s
breakthrough science that
uses one simple trick to
help end the agony of
constipation once and for
all. It’s called H2Go®; an
ingenious new mini-tablet
that could change your
life.* You won’t ever have
to sit in your bathroom
praying for relief again.
Thankfully with H2Go
you can help END your
constipation and be
Regular Again without
gas...without bloating...
and without pain!

Can Popcorn Fix
Your Colon?
Water is the key to
colon health. So in order
to increase the effectiveness of ordinary magnesium, scientists drew
inspiration from, of all
things, -- popcorn. Using
the process of popping
a kernel as a guide, they
discovered that a grain
of magnesium could be
re-heated until it ‘popped,’

Survey Confirms
• 90% of users surveyed
saw regularity improvement
• 62% claim it works better than other products
• 83% would recommend
H2Go to a friend

Doctor Recommended.
Doctor Approved.
H2Go has helped thousands of people get the
much needed comfort and
peace of mind they never
had before.

The longer the waste is
in your system, the worse
it is.
But now, a small company out of Florida has
come up with a solution
to help end constipation
problems. And its discovery has doctors so excited
they’re recommending it
to their patients. And it’s
even helping people who
have suffered for years.
People who sit in agony
daily… pushing, straining,
and praying for relief. But
until now, relief never
seemed to come.

H2Go fits your lifestyle
and it’s so easy on your
system that you can use
it every day with total

Dr. Michael Steelman,
Bariatric Specialist

And since it works with
your body naturally, you
don’t need harsh laxatives
or awful-tasting fiber that
can leave you feeling
bloated, uncomfortable,
and with a gritty taste in
your mouth*.

Don’t be a ‘prisoner’ to
the bathroom
H2Go contains the
exact amount of Active
Magnesia you need to get
the job done. Right off the
bat, H2Go helps you to
get regular and stay that
way, visiting the bathroom
every day.*
You get back on schedule and do the things you
love, without being a prisoner to the bathroom.*

Works in Three
Different Ways
No other product does
it all like H2Go. It’s great
for occasional overnight
relief without irritation or’s gentle enough for everyday
use without fiber bulk or
bloating...or as a superior
colon cleanse to gently
and thoroughly detoxify
your body.*

What Goes In MUST
Come Out!
Did you know that
every time you move your
bowels, small leftover
amounts of waste could
cling to and harden on
your colon walls, just like
the pipes in your home?
By the time you’re age 50,
this ‘toxic sludge’ begins
to fester.
Unlike other products,
H2Go helps cleanse your
colon., eliminating toxins
so you feel ‘lighter’ with
unstoppable energy, and
healthier than you have in
a long time.*

“I’ve tried so many
products. H2Go just does
the trick for me. I’ve never
had a product that works
so beautifully. I think it’s
a miracle and that’s the
truth. Without H2Go, I’m
lost,” says Barbara Z.*
“Ever since I can
remember I have always
had trouble going smoothly. Other colon cleansers,
though successful,
made me bloated and
uncomfortable but with
my H2Go finally I can go
more comfortably without
any bloating or discomfort,” adds Vickie.*
“H2Go has been an
extremely reliable, gentle
natural treatment that is
very well tolerated. After
a few weeks of using
H2Go, patients report less
stress and more energy.
Some patients simply look
better. H2Go continues to
be our first choice,” says
Dr. J. Volpe, Physician For
Alternative Medicine.*

Special Opportunity for
Our Readers
The manufacturer of
H2Go has set up a special
hotline number so you can
order it directly from them.
Even better, if you’re
one of the first 500 callers
to 1-888-288-7510, ask
how you can get a 30-day
supply of H2Go risk free.

Free Special Report
You may also receive a
copy of the eye-opening
special report –- packed
with tips on how to keep
your colon clean as a
whistle and boost your
digestive health. It’s a $25
value, but ask how it can
be yours for FREE.
End the torture of
constipation once and for
all. Get well and stay that
way with H2Go.*
Call Now, Toll-Free

Individual Results May Vary.
These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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