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We Salute Our

James S. Wise


E. Glenn Steller

John A. Steller (Jack)

T/Sgt. U.S. Army
England WWII

PO1 U.S. Navy 1937-1951
Sgt./1C U.S. Army 1951-1967

Sgt. U.S. Marines 1953-1956
Korean War
M/Sgt U.S. Air Force 1958-1976
Vietnam War

Robert G. Bacon

Joseph R. Sierakowski

Dustin Schaub

SP5 U.S.Army 1965-1967

Bart Needles
Served in Vietnam

Kenneth L. Mann

Served in the United States Navy
during WWII aboard the LST 266.
Our Dad, Our Hero!

Cpl. U.S. Army 1952-1954
Korean War

John Needles

Served in Desert Shield
And Desert Storm 7

Merle Wagner

RM3 US Navy 1952-1956
Korean War


Happy Birthday in Loving Memory
Your daughter, Cheryl

Our Marine Hero

Bill Hall

Your girls, Karol and Dee Dee

Melvin Toepke Ensign

Nicole M. Steller
SRA U.S. Air Force

PO2 U.S. Navy - 1977-1981

T4 Edwin Davis

PFC. Walter Raab

LTC Jill Henry

QMC/ES U.S. Navy
A1C/E3 Illinois Air Nat. Guard
Both 1978-1997

411 U.S. Army 1942-1945
4 Bronze Stars

Cliff Needles

Army 1942-1945
104 Inf. POW

Kevin Hamblin

US Army (Ret)
For your devotion and sacrifice to the
service of our country, we offer our
deepest gratitude – The Herbert Family

Michael E., Daniel H. and Frank T. Wissmiller

Served 22 ½ years in USAF
Tours in Middle East

Freedom is not Free
Thank You Brothers.

In memory of

Cpl. Everett Underwood

In memory of

Paul E. McReynolds

U.S. Marines-Korea Recon
Marcella & Family

WWII & Korea – US Navy

We love you, Sandy, Mary, Carol and Wendy

Maj. Leonard A. Filipiak

Michael R. Steller

Eugene A. Hunter,

Korean War disabled Veteran.
10-30-30 to 10-4-17
Love, Martha Hunter


Jesse W. Parker

90 year old Veteran and
Champion Dad!

Honoring civil war vets from my family Tree:

Luis Eswine

Co G II 152 Infantry

Thank you for your service!
Love and miss you

George W. Bell
13 ky Cav. (Union)

Gilbert Hoover

James R. Hayes

Missouri Provisional Militia, First
Regiment (Union)

Iva Hoover

John Joe Thomley
22nd Ala Reg, CSA

August Oelschlager

Asa White

First East Florida Cav (Union)

Russell Trunnell


thank you for your service!
Love and miss you dad!

thank you for your service!
Love and miss you mom!

thank you for your service!
Love and miss you grandpa!

thank you for your service!
Love and miss you dad!

US Navy
USS Princeton

8/19/1826 – 5/4/1907
US Army – 94th IL Infantry
Civil War

Mathias Smith

Warren Kwasigroh

Donald L. Pistole
Korean War

Frank Pistole

US Navy
USS Houston AMM3

Ernest L. Butts

J. Robert Pfeifer

Robert Pistole

Hubert Donovan

Victor Toepke

George W. Butts

Edward A. Ehling

Gary Upton

Bernice Hinshaw

US Army

Charles Dickson Smith

US Navy
USS Meade

US Marines
Tech Sgt. WWII

US Navy

US Army

Virgil E. Hinshaw

10/16/1899 – 9/7/1940

1961 thru 1984 Retired Army
Served proudly
Thanks for your service!

1st Lieutenant WWII
Army Nurse, Camp Shelby, MISS.
We Love You

1916-1957 FC2 WWII Navy Vet.
Served on: USS Columbia
USS Little Rock.
We Love You & Miss You

Frank Thompson
Otto Shields
Joe Ventura
Jim Ventura
George Ventura
Jessie Williams
Bob Williams
SGT. Orvin Branz
Eldon “Smiley” Miller
Gary L. Crutcher

SGT. Joseph M. Ekstam
PFC Francis G. Moews
SSGT Brittany and Joe Hunt
Dan Beard
SSGT. Francis H.
“Butch” Ekstam
SGT. Carl H. Ekstam
Robert Blunk
Donald R. McKinley
Ed Hussemann

Jim McKenzie
Daryle Stonier
Donald Dean Ioerger
CT2 Philip John Kohler Jr.
Sgt. Anthony R Maddox
Paul Ferguson
Stanley W. Warsaw
Gene Campbell
1st Sgt. USMC, Retired
James K Howard.

Randel G. Hartman
Peter Friedmansky
Lawrence A Kennedy
Steve Fincham
R. Stanley Hauser
Clarence Masching
Floyd Gamble
James Doerr
John Michael Kares
Louis Jernigan Cooper

US Army

Sergeant 1st Class

Jesus J. Cabrera

Thank you for keeping us safe!
We love you! Cabrera Family

Henry Harrison Cooper
Jeffrey Small
Clarence E. Fenger
Tony Gaida
Richard Bernard Cox
W. Robert Stupka
Phyllis J. Stupka
Austin Patrick Sherwood
Raymond Mercker
Peter J. Keller

Army Air Corps


In Memory and Honor of

Charles “Bud” Rever

Hugh B. Evans
Thomas Evans
Ray Evans
Harry Lyle Mehle
James Leskowski
Melissa Leskowski
John P. Gregg
George Gregg
James Koahler



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