FLICK LITE: Our latest listings, as offered by the readers and your own resident Lite Boy:

•Latest U.S. ‘product’

That popular “Arizona” tea you can buy in bottles and cans these days is, if you look closely, also something else:

“A product of Canada”

• Most amusing insight

As it appears, framed on the wall of a store at Bloomington’s Eastland Mall:

"Shopping With Your

Husband Is Like Hunting

With The Game Warden"

• Best Name Club

— Josh Outman. He’s a relief pitcher for the Colorado Rockies.

— Elizabeth Smart. She was valedictorian of her class at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Bloomington.

— Scott Needle. He is a doctor in Naples, Fla.

— Richard (Dick) Dick III. He’s a lawyer in Chicago.

— Bill Brady. A state senator from Bloomington, he tries to pass bills.

• Funniest news irony

Did you notice out in Washington, D.C., where Barack Obama recently accused critics of creating “a carnival sideshow of the Benghazi situation,” his comments were delivered by his White House Press Secretary … named Jay Carney.

• Newest popular word

Brought to life on TV’s “South Park” is “derp,” an expression defined in the Urban Dictionary as “a word for a stupid action, comment or person” (“Derp!”) and has reached such popularity, the license plate — “DERP 1” — was recently spotted in a downtown Bloomington parking lot.

• Four More Fun Places To Visit, If Only For Their Names

(As offered by the readers)

— Shadyside, Ohio

— Nuttsville, Va.

— Stuck, Wash.

— Stumptown, W.Va.

• Worst spell

At Missouri State University in Springfield, officials are apologizing after they began selling book bags at the campus bookstore and after 17,800 of them already had been made, discovered the word “university” was misspelled.

• Most appropriate merger

When Jon Porter and Lindsey Wagner, both of El Paso, married recently, while not spelled exactly the same, the headline became a tribute to a country music icon — “Porter-Wagner.”

 Newest example of how words can mean so many things these days

Bumper sticker, spotted on a van in Normal:

"Prairie Land:

Proud to be a Cougar"

Or as one motorist recently put it: "I can never tell anymore if they are referring to the elementary school or to the mom driving the van."

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