Flick: By George(s) … it's Zimmerman, Ryan and the baby!

2013-07-31T06:00:00Z Flick: By George(s) … it's Zimmerman, Ryan and the baby! pantagraph.com
July 31, 2013 6:00 am

COLUMN DIARY, a check of big headlines, small wonders and other highlights:

July 2013

1. TV’s “Sesame Street" lays off 10 percent of workers. Letter-Of-Day is “U” apparently. As in, unemployed.

2. Boston Celtics get even greenier, hire young, professionally untested 36-year-old to be coach.

3. Supreme Court same-sex ruling hailed as great day for gay-marriage supporters. Or as Jay Leno puts it: “Congratulations, same-sex couples. Now you can be miserable as anyone else.”

4. America turns 237 years old.

5. New study contends eating fatty foods may actually help improve your memory.

6. Fatty-foods lovers swear they won’t forget science’s newest discovery.

7. Latest evidence that every inch counts: 9,350-mile Asiana Airlines flight ends only 10 inches short of runway in San Francisco. But that’s enough.

8. Yet another reason not to feel younger: Ringo Starr turns 73.

9. Report says 27 NFL players have been arrested just since last Super Bowl. Apparently O.J. was just way ahead of his time.

10. George Ryan successfully lowers number-of-Illinois-governors-in-prison count to only one. He’s too old for the NFL.

11. Inventor of computer mouse sadly closes own file. He was 88.

12. Concealed-carry passes in Illinois. Or to sort of paraphrase Mae West: “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just not glad to see me?”

13. Thermometers in West begin reading like NBA scores … Phoenix 119, Sacramento 106.

14. Not guilty! Summer's biggest TV star — George Zimmerman — ends what became one entertaining summer show.

15. Yet another way to not feel younger: Richard Simmons turns 65.

16. Study says Mexico surpasses U.S. as world’s most obese nation.

17. America begins comeback for world obesity lead. Twinkies back on shelves.

18. Medical study contends parts of brain are dulled by aging, helping to explain why a 20-year-old’s sense of humor is vastly different from a 70-year-old’s sense of humor.

19. Sorry if you didn’t find that last entry funny.

20. New anti-Hillary ads paint her as so old, as one critic muses, she could even be a Republican.

21. National Ice Cream Day. Even falls on a Sundae.

22. Helen Thomas, a White House correspondent who covered 10 presidents, heads off to now interview Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson. She was 92.

23. In a country that’s $16.7 trillion in debt, somehow Detroit files bankruptcy first.

24. After centuries of jokes about no one in royal family having to engage in labor, Kate goes into it for almost four days.

25. Smile! Spacecraft circling Saturn sends back photo of us from 900 million miles away.

26. Yet even one more way to not feel any younger: Mick Jagger turns 70! Is it the kidney or gall Stones yet?

27. Audis more likely to be driven by men who cheat on their wives, study suggests. As Jimmy Fallon puts it, “In other words, those are the wives who end up with the Audis.”

28. Anthony Weiner in yet another “sexting” scandal. Maybe if he’d just junk his cellphone …

29. Financial experts say royal-baby birth of George pumps extra $375 million into British economy, as Illinois General Assembly quickly begins inquiries to find out if next royal birth can take place here.

30. FAA encourages airline pilots to get more sleep. But ideally not on your flight.

31. Remarkably unusual development welcomes McLean County Fair — gorgeous, un-98-degree weather.

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