Now with Seinfeld: In a town that’s world base to places like State Farm and Country Financial and universities like Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan, Beer Nuts might be considered one of Bloomington-Normal’s better-kept “secrets.”

But Sarah Silverman, a popular comedian, actress, pop critic and ex-Jimmy Kimmel gal pal, is apparently out to change that.

A couple years ago, the 42-year-old Silverman appeared in People, caught by paparazzi while wearing — of all things — a Beer Nuts baseball cap.

A fun coincidence, everyone figured.

But now it’s happened again.

In a Jerry Seinfeld edition of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" that’s on YouTube, Silverman is Seinfeld’s guest … and she’s wearing a Beer Nuts hat again!

At the Beer Nuts plant along Robinson Street, they’re surprised, and naturally pleased, too.

“She’s ordered other products from us,” confides Georgia Dawson, general manager.

Then Dawson adds, “And she does obviously LOVE that hat!” 

Today’s deep thought

As mulled by Eric “Bones” Bach, of Bloomington:

“There’s a brand of men’s underwear that my wife says is sold at Macy’s and it’s called Alfani. You also wonder: Is that supposed to be pronounced `all-fanny’?”

It makes cents: Gasoline is a half-dollar cheaper today than it was a month ago and a service station in Fairbury one day last week discovered a way to draw even more customers. That occurred when one side of its sign malfunctioned and motorists entering the Livingston County town found a price of only 59 cents a gallon.

By the way, we checked.

You’d have to be at least 39 years old to have actually lived in a time when gas was that cheap.

According to state petroleum archives, gasoline was last 59 cents in January 1974.

Yet another tie back to Bloomington-Normal: When Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed last weekend in San Francisco and officials announced they were looking for the “black box,” some folks in Bloomington wondered if it was made here.

The modern-day “black box” — with its endless loop that tapes the last 15 minutes of each flight — was developed here, at the International Tapetronics plant at 2425 South Main.

It’s there, too, you’ll learn this little shard of info – the “black box” is actually yellow or orange. That makes it easier to find amid wreckage.

Police beat: In Mattoon the other evening, a 47-year-old man who’d just completed a 60-day jail sentence for dining at a restaurant before telling the waitress he’d not be able to pay the $100 tab went out to celebrate his release and ordered a $70 meal, this time at Alamo Steak House.

But then he told the server he wouldn't be able to pay for that meal, either.

He’s been sentenced to three years of only jail meals now.

U High grad … In `Lone Ranger’! If you’re watching the Johnny Depp movie, “Lone Ranger” and look at the guy at Red's Saloon crooning "Red, the Theater of the Absurd" and swear that, in real life, you just saw that guy singing in downtown Bloomington, you did.

The scene’s singer is Pokey LaFarge. Just last month, he performed at WGLT Fest downtown and slightly before that Pokey appeared at the nearby Castle Theatre. And a dozen years before that, he graduated from University High in Normal.

Pokey was better known then as Drew Heissler, Class of '01.

Bill Flick is at

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I love Sarah, but knowing her as well as I do, her affection for our beloved local business is not entirely for the snack food. Think "beer goggles.".....I know!!....You're welcome.

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