His was a birth like no other

A mother ... but not a human father;

Why does this matter? Why should we care?

Aren’t there bigger issues? Like, “why is life unfair”?

The sin of Adam marred us all

We are guilty; we all did fall;

Life’s not unfair, we get what’s coming;

It’s just that the pain is so very numbing.

God saw all this from beginning to end

He planned a rescue — his Son to send;

That Son is perfect in all deity

But wrapped in cloths — infant humanity.

See now, God’s Son, in human form forever

The gift on a cross, a remarkable endeavor

To right the wrong; to erase the sting

Of what we call unfair and endless suffering.

The grace of God is now made known

Death’s triumph has been overthrown;

Sing it out! The end of doom!

Let every heart prepare Him room.

Boerckel is senior pastor of East White Oak Bible Church, rural Carlock. 


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