So excited: I am so excited for Christmas! I'm not really sure what I want for Christmas, but I do want a sign language book. Every Christmas Eve we get to open one present and all sleep downstairs.

Savanna Kimball

Grade 3, Benjamin

Make tamales: I like Christmas a lot because every year my cousins come for Christmas. When they come we make tamales after we put up the Christmas tree and we decorated.

Amanda Hernandez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Christmas painting: On Christmas my family tradition is to go to my aunt's house. Sometimes when she is cooking I paint on a canvas. It is different every year. 

Jordan Wingate

Grade 2, Epiphany

Reading about Jesus: Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love putting up Christmas decorations like villages and decorations on our Christmas tree. Best of all I like reading about Jesus' birthday.

Paul Koetters

Grade 3, Epiphany

Reason for the season: I love Christmas! I love the smells, the songs and the getting together, but the biggest reason is because Christ is born.

Ben Meyer

Grade 4, Epiphany

Helpful elves: Elves help Santa out. Elves make the presents to kids for Christmas. Then the elves put them in his sleigh for him so be can be ready to go. I'm happy that Santa has them!

Anthony Lowe

Grade 2, Fairview

Holiday preparations: Every year, about three weeks before Christmas, we put up the tree, decorate it and put up our Christmas lights. Then on Christmas Eve we decorate cookies and put out milk for Santa.

Aubree Wallace

Grade 3, Fairview

Grandparents' house: For Christmas my brother and I go to our grandma and grandpa's house, and we celebrate at our house.

Bailey Wense

Grade 3, Fox Creek

Santa's list: Christmas is a fun holiday! I like it because you get presents if you get on the good list. Santa is fun. Santa Claus remembers a lot of stuff and a lot of names around the world. 

Kyla Kasten

Grade 1, Grove

Texas trip: Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I like it because of presents and decorations and giving. This year my family is going to Texas.

Saaki Bhojanam

Grade 3, Grove

Singing songs: On Christmas I get so happy. You get to sing and sing. Christmas morning I run to my mom and dad and wake them up. We sing and eat and open presents. But it's not all about opening presents; it's about your family.

Aubrey Arrowsmith

Grade 4, Grove

Seeing family: Christmas is not about presents. Christmas is about families. Seeing my family makes me feel good.

Alex Brown

Grade 5, High Road

Crazy shelf elf: My favorite thing about Christmas is my elf on the shelf. My elf on the shelf's name is Holly, and sometimes he does crazy things. Once he went into the Fruit Loops, and another time he got into some candy.

Kathleen Rea

Grade 5, home school

Happy New Year!: My family does not celebrate Christmas, but they celebrate the New Year. The New Year is a holiday when another year starts. It's fun and good. My mind spins from the old year to the new year.

Arimish Amaravadi

Grade 2, Hoose

Party time: Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Reason 1. We party and party. 2. We eat ham. 3. In the morning I sneak a look at what I got!

Ali Hart

Grade 3, Hoose

Doll for Christmas: I hope I get makeup and a doll. My doll should be a baby doll with school clothes on so it looks like me. I will play with her every day.

Shamara Jean-Baptiste

Grade 3, Irving

Santa and his reindeer: I love Santa because he gives us presents. Santa has reindeer that can fly. I get a real Christmas tree, and I help decorate it. I want a Lego Batman for Christmas.

Jude Coers

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Best presents: Christmas morning is my favorite time. I get to open presents. The best presents come from Mom and Dad.

Mason Cochran

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Signs of Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! It's Christmas, and Santa came and put presents under the tree and my stocking is full! The reindeer ate the food on the sidewalk and Santa ate the milk and cookies. Thank you, Santa!

Eliza Ehnis

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Favorite part: My favorite part is the presents. I love to drink hot chocolate and open presents. I decorate with a white star and lights.

Dave Davison

Grade 2 New Holland-Middletown

Making ornaments: I love Christmas. My favorite thing to do is making ornaments and opening presents. I always get lots of presents under my tree. Last year I made little Ninja Turtle ornaments.

Maddy Mester

Grade 4, New Holland-Middletown

Wonderful time: Christmas is a wonderful time of year! You get presents and a big feast but most of all you get to spend time with your family!

Sarah Jacobs

Grade 5, Northpoint

Mom's Christmas spirit: My favorite holiday is Christmas because my mom has a lot of Christmas spirit. We put up our Christmas tree on the 19th. It is super cool.

Seth Durbin

Grade 3, Northwest

Family and friends: Christmas is a day that you get to spend with your friends and family. You can get gifts if you are good. This year I am making my Christmas list with magazine pictures.

Amalie Johnston

Grade 2, Oakdale

Family and food: I like Christmas because it celebrates Jesus' birthday. I also like Christmas because you get to be with family and friends. I love all the food, too!

Brystal Riess

Grade 3, Oakdale

Thankfulness: When I hear the word "Christmas" I think of presents, but Christmas isn't all about presents. Christmas is about God's birthday and thankfulness for everything you have.

Iliana Santana

Grade 5, Oakland

Snow and joy: When I think of Christmas I think of snow and joy. I think of giving and making people happy. I think of Santa.

Kenley West

Grade 1, Olympia South

Special memories: Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get to spend time with family, and you get to open presents, and you get to have special memories with your family, and you can go in your PJs.

River Miethe

Grade 5, Parkside

Mom's a hero: Sometimes my mom has to work on Christmas. My mom wants to be there when we open presents. She helps the elderly. She is a hero.

Serrmyra Brown

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Christmas in Chicago: Have you ever had a Christmas in Chicago? This year I got to choose if I want to stay home or go with my grandma to Chicago. I am choosing to go with my grandma because I want to give a gift to my only godmother.

Keziyah Green

Grade 4, Prairieland

Seeing relatives: I love Christmas because it's not just presents, but it's for the coming of Jesus. It's also because relatives you haven't seen in a long time come to your house.

Melinda Lawrence

Grade 2, St. Mary's

Helping the poor: I love Christmas, especially when we go on the train to Chicago. I love giving dollar bills to the poor and giving them hugs. They are very nice people. They deserve an amazing Christmas.

Loella Aurora

Grade 3, St. Mary's

Magical time: I love Christmas because it is a time to rejoice and celebrate Jesus' birth. It is also beautiful and magical.

Gabby Casali

Grade 4, St. Mary's

Christmas tree farm: Once there was a Christmas tree farm. On the day before Christmas it was crowded. Christmas trees were disappearing left and right. Big ones, little ones, and medium. It was a wonderful sight to see.

Elias Nolan

Grade 2, Schneider

Watch for Santa: On Christmas I am going to wake up in the middle of the night to see Santa Claus. Then in the morning I am going to see how many presents I get.

Christopher Bankhead

Grade 3, Sheridan

Everything about Christmas: I love everything about Christmas! I love the presents and being with your family.

Aubrey Williams

Grade 2, Stevenson

Things to do: I don't celebrate Christmas but there are many things my family and I do instead. For example, we play a ton of board games. My mom and I also bake.

Adhrut Kulharni

Grade 3, Stevenson

Lights on the tree: At Christmas I put up our Christmas tree. This year we put white lights on it. We also got colored lights that change color every five seconds.

Marcus Mays

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Best food: Christmas food is, no doubt, the best food in the world. All year long I dream of the delectable, juicy ham that Christmas brings.

Dylan Millburg

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Celebrating Eid: I don't celebrate Christmas. Instead I celebrate Eid, but I think we should give presents every day. Give to charity, orphans, even visit someone who's sick. Just fill someone's bucket or put a smile on their face.

Zahid Anjum

Grade 4, Towanda