Wish list: I would buy really interesting books, like my favorite books. I would also buy healthy food. I would also want a really big paint set. Also I want a bow and arrow set but it will not have a really pointy end.

Jia Mathew

Grade 2, Benjamin

Savings: If I had $100 dollars I would save it.

Rosalynn Jones

Kindergarten, Cedar Ridge

Helping teachers: I will give my $100 to people who need it. I will help my teachers to buy materials for us.

Coraline Ló

Grade 2, Cedar Ridge

Saving for a house: If I have $100 I will save it until I have the right money to buy a big house because I would have all my family in one house. I like a big house because it has a back garden and some big houses have water fountains.

Amanda Hernandez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Beanie Boos: I would buy 1,000 Beanie Boos and my mom would freak out. I would be grounded for a week and that means no sleepovers. But I could still sleep with my Beanie Boos and that would still be fun.

Lauren Durako

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Helping the homeless: I would spend $100 on homeless people. Have you ever seen a homeless person? I have always felt so so bad for them. I would buy them clothing, shoes and way, way more. I would be so happy to make someone's day.

Emmy Weiland

Grade 2, Fairview

Mansion for the homeless: I will buy a mansion for homeless people and buy food for them, then buy shoes, hats, shirts and pants. Next, give people money when they're broke.

Colin Harris

Grade 3, Fairview

Budding entrepreneur: I would buy stuff to run a business so I can get more money to get whatever I want for the rest of my life. Then when I grow up I will be rich and have a nice house.

Selby Proud

Grade 4, Fairview

Lottery winnings: If I won the lottery I would give it to homeless people.

McKenna Wurth

Grade 3, Fox Creek

Gift for sister: I would buy a present for my sister because she is kind. I would buy her an American Girl Doll, it's name is McKenna.

Trey Stanton

Grade 1, Grove

New pets: I would buy a pet cat and dog. I would feed them so my mom doesn't have to. I would love them forever.

Makenzie Rivera

Grade 2, Heyworth

Shop at Wal-Mart: If I had $100, I would give it to my mom. She would spend it on food and toys. My mom buys things at Wal-Mart. We take what we buy home. That's what I'd spend $100 on.

Tatian Adams

Grade 2, Irving

Toy race cars: I would buy a lot of toys. I would buy a lot of race cars. I would play with them. My race cars would be fun to play with.

Layla Fisher

Grade 3, Irving

Donate to charity: I would give it to charity. I am always getting stuff, and before I loved it but now I realize I don't need it. Lots of other people need it more than I do.

Teagan Tibbs

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

My favorite things: I would spend it on geodes, a playhouse, books and candy. All of those things make me jump over the moon. I like the books the best. My second favorite is the playhouse.

Kendall Laille

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Rich with rhymes: I'd be super rich! I could buy lots of things without a single hitch! But I'd rather make a dollar donation, or maybe even more. It could go to people that don't have a door.

Ella Drake

Grade 3, Northpoint

A pug and trampoline: I would buy a pug girl and name it Bella and I would buy lots and lots of candy. And I would buy a trampoline.

Courtney Mitchell

Grade 4, Northpoint

Sharing for all: I would give some to people who need it. I would also give some to my parents and my family. The rest of the money I had I will give it to charity.

Neriah Boyd

Grade 5, Northpoint

Family gifts: I would buy my own bed and save up for college. I would buy a computer and a gift card for my mom and dad and get computers for me and my sisters.

Charlene Sullivan

Grade 3, Northwest

New doll: I would get a doll with $100 because I like dolls. I will get more clothes for my doll for dressing dolls up.

Amyri Goss

Grade 2, Oakdale

Build a playground: I would plant a tree. Maybe I would plant a whole new garden. I would build a playground. I would also build a tree house. Last, but not least, I would help homeless people.

Addilece Snyder

Grade 3, Oakdale

Helping the family: I would help my family with it. It will help us buy food. It will help us pay for our taxes. And it will help us with our bills.

Gavin Crawford

Grade 4, Oakdale

Piggy bank savings: I would put it all in my elephant piggy bank. I like to save money.

Zach Goggin

Grade 1, Olympia South

Desserts and sweets: I would be rich and would buy candy, ice cream, cake and all the desserts and sweets. It would be fantastic!

Addy Koehler

Grade 2, Parkside

New guitar: I would give it to my brother to get a new guitar because no money could top my beautiful brother's music.

Kylie Phillips

Grade 5, Parkside

Duck tape and donate: I would buy duck tape and I would donated some. I would buy duck tape because I like duck tape. I would donate because I want to be nice and save people.

Adrianna Luchtefeld

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Cardinals fan: I would buy a World Series baseball. It would be from the Cardinals.

Hunter Cushing

Grade 1, Prairieland

Pokemon cards: I would buy a lot of Pokemon cards because I like Pokemon and I would buy a 3DS because it has every video game on it.

Keaton North

Grade 2, Prairieland

St. Jude donation: I would definitely spend some on donating to St. Jude. With the rest of the money I would buy Nerf guns and a flavored mouth guard for football.

Jake Husarik

Grade 3, Prairieland

College savings: I would save it for college because you need $10,000 to go to college and maybe buy a box of candy. I know people or kids will spend real money willnilly on stuff that is gone like that!

Peter Ruiz

Grade 4, Prairieland

Animal shelters: I would use the money to help animals in animal shelters. If the animal has a medical problem that the shelter can't pay for, I could pay for it. If an animal suddenly gets hurt somehow, I could pay for the medical bill, or at least contribute.

Isabella Gilbert

Grade 5, Prairieland

Money for the poor: I would rush around on a bike giving money to the poor. I would use some of it to buy food for the poor also.

Zuzu O'Donoghue

Grade 3, St. Mary's

Video games: I would buy lots of video games, not just for myself, for all kids that love video games!

Bryce Fleming

Grade 3, Sheridan

Presents for everyone: I would first make sure my family had what they needed. Next I would get what I wanted for myself. After, I would buy presents for my friends. Finally, I would make sure my friends and family like what they got!

Madison Embry

Grade 4, Sheridan

Love of reading: I would buy some books so I could become a better reader. I love to read books; it helps my reading. Reading is my favorite subject. My teacher helps me, too. She is the best teacher. She is Miss Staney.

Epaphrodite Lessa

Grade 2, Stevenson

Pamper yourself: I would give it away. I would split $25 between my whole family, $50 between my dearest friends and the remaining $25 between every charity I can find. If any money is remaining I will take it because, hey, you have to pamper yourself sometimes.

Adhrut Kulkarni

Grade 3, Stevenson

Donate to WWF: I would donate it all to the World Wildlife Fund. They would give me a stuffed fennec fox, barn owl and harp seal since I donated so much. They would use the money to save endangered species all around the world.

Lillian Eyres

Grade 4, Stevenson

Baseball fan: I would go to the store and buy 10 packs of gum, then I would go to the batting cage. I would then go to sleep. The next morning I would go to the St. Louis Cardinals game. At the game, I would buy a packet of baseball cards.

Reese Hnilicka

Grade 4, Tremont

Holiday helper: I would like to help others if I had $100. I would buy them clothes. They might need food. On Christmas I would like to give them lots of toys.

Cameron Caldwell

Kindergarten, Tri-Valley

Share with family: I would like to share and spend with my family and friends. I would give $50 to my parents because they always buy me whatever I want. I would give $10 to my brother so he can use it whatever he wants.

Sejal Lal

Grade 2, Benjamin

TV and popcorn: I would buy a TV and watch and watch and watch and eat popcorn.

Sahasra Gade

Grade 1, Grove

Horse and a puppy: I would buy food and clothes for the poor. I would also buy a horse and a puppy! Having 100 bucks would be heavenly, so I need 100 bucks!

Addison DeSanty

Grade 3, St. Mary's