Longer season: Summer should be two months longer because I love summer. In the summer we get to sleep longer. We always play outside and we have a lot of fun.

Owen Henderson

Grade 2, Benjamin

Summer swimming: My favorite season is summer because one of my favorite things to do is swim. I can only go swimming in the summer because of the warm weather.

Nina Harden

Grade 3, Benjamin

On the go: Summer is my favorite season because the pool is open. I also love summer because I can be with my friends. I love to go on vacation. My favorite two vacation trips were going to St. Louis and going to Myrtle Beach.

Makayla Sturgill

Grade 4, Calvary

Halloween with family: I love fall because I celebrate Halloween with my family. I love candies. I love fall because the night comes early and I can go to bed.

Sillia Espindola

Grade 2, Cedar Ridge 

Hot weather: My favorite season is spring because it is hot, and I like hot more than cold. I hate cold because your body gets cold, and then you can't feel your body. Winter is my least favorite season.

Layne Wills

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

No homework: My favorite season is summer because there is no school. I don't have to do any homework, and I really have a lot of homework, but not in the summer. Instead I can go to the playground.

Lily Dederich

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Play with brother: My favorite season is winter. I like it because I will go outside and make a snow fort and have snowball fights with my brother. Sometimes I invite my friend.

Thomas Nowinsky

Grade 2, Epiphany

Enjoying spring: My favorite season is spring because I like to pick flowers and play outside, and I like to go on walks in our neighborhood in the evenings.

Savannah Lapasky

Grade 1, Grove

Autumn birthday: My favorite season is autumn. My birthday is in autumn. That's why my birthday party is always inside. I love autumn because of the colorful leaves. The leaves are usually red, orange, brown and gold.

Katy Berna

Grade 2, Grove

Summer fun: My favorite season is summer. In summer you can play, ride your bike and have fun! You can go to the beach and spend time with your family and eat ice cream with your friends.

Kriti Kammari

Grade 3, Grove

Friends and family: I love summer because I get to play with my friends more often. We really like to play on my trampoline in the beautiful weather. In summer I have a long break from school so my family and I can go on long trips without me missing school.

Naisha Madugula

Grade 4, Grove

Building with dad: My favorite season is winter because you can play in the snow. My dad and I build snowmen together. I love winter so much.

Charlie Ladage

Grade 2, Heyworth

Summertime: My favorite season is summer. It's hot outside. I like to go to pools. I like to eat spaghetti in summer. I get to watch YouTube in summer.

Gabby Embry

Grade 4, High Road

Sandcastle season: My favorite season is summer. It is hot and you can go to the beach. We swim and build sandcastles. I made a 12-foot castle with small houses inside.

Alex Brown

Grade 5, High Road

Shimmering snow: My favorite season is winter because I think the snow is so pretty. I love how it shimmers and shines! It is so beautiful. I also like to play in it with my best friends.

Ali Hart

Grade 3, Hoose

Wisconsin Dells: My favorite season is summer because I go on vacation. I went to a Wisconsin Dells water park. My mom and I went on a big water slide. My big and little brothers, cousin and I went on a roller coaster. It was fun at the Dells. I will never forget the Dells.

Jordan Sieger

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Christmas birthday: My favorite season is winter. I like winter because I share a birthday with Jesus. In the winter I can build a snowman. I can also play in the snow. 

Tommy Ayers

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Amazing presents: My favorite season is winter because I get big, amazing presents and celebrate my birthday.

Tyler Rosendale

Grade 3, Northpoint

Blooming trees: My favorite season is spring because the trees are blooming and the winter is going away. I love spring so much!

Sarah Jacobs

Grade 5, Northpoint

Best day ever: Last year my mom and I were raking the yard, and my mom jumped into the pile of leaves that I made, and I had to start all over again. Then she kept on doing it. I got so mad that I jumped in her ginormous pile and I got leaves in my ears. It was the best day ever!

Ruby Thomas

Grade 3, Northwest

Fall colors: My favorite season is fall because I like the colors. They are red, yellow, brown and green. The trees are so pretty. It is a fun season. In fall you get candy because Halloween is in the fall.

Dylan Alvarez

Grade 2, Oakdale

Swimming pool: My favorite season is summer because you can go to a swimming pool.

Mattie Machek

Grade 2, Oakland

Beauty of snow: My favorite season is winter. I love the beauty of snow. I love to play in the thick snow.

Morgan Crowell

Grade 1, Olympia South

Warmest time of year: Spring: It is the warmest time of year. I get to go swimming. In spring all the flowers come out. I love spring.

Kaelyn Brassfield

Grade 5, Parkside

Raking at grandma's: My favorite season is fall because when the leaves start to fall we go to my grandma's house and rake. Then my little sister jumps in the leaves and messes it all up. I sometimes do it, too. I love the fall season. It makes me so happy!

Zafiyah Banks

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Coolest season: School is out, and the weather is warm. These are the reasons that summer is the coolest season.

Ethan Meyer

Grade 1, Prairieland

No school: My favorite season is summer because we don't have school. It is hot. And we can swim in the pool.

Hunter Hobson

Grade 2, Prairieland

Summer poem: I love to run and I love to play on a hot, hot summery day. No worries, hurray, hurray! With no worries I love to play! The sun is shining upon my land and no rain is in my hand. While I relax I love to say, "What a gorgeous day!"

Payton Harmon

Grade 3, Prairieland

Shoveling snow: My favorite season is winter, mostly because of snowball fights. Unlike most kids, I like shoveling snow. I think the snow feels warm and fuzzy. Also, I can be alone and think. My favorite part is it gets me out of doing my homework at that time.

Reagan Williams

Grade 5, Prairieland

Disappointing end: My favorite season is summer because you have no school. In summer it's always warm and mostly sunny. You can play outside all you want! The pool is open or you can have water balloon fights at home. But it's disappointing when it comes to an end.

Madelyn Gentsch

Grade 4, St. Mary's

Time to explore: My favorite season is summer. I love when the sun shines. I like spending time with my family. I love when we go to explore. I also love when we don't have school. I love when we can eat ice cream. I like how my family and I have parties in the summer.

Kasey Contreras

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Cookies and popcorn: My favorite season is summer because I can go to my friend's house and eat cookies —and we love cookies — and we can eat popcorn all morning. We can stay up all night. We can go to bed at 1:30 and we will not get in trouble.

Yashia Childs

Grade 3, Sheridan

Summer activities: My favorite season is summer because you can go swimming, and you can ride your bike outside, and you can take walks outside. You can see diving whales, and you can go to Disney World.

Jason Austin

Grade 2, Stevenson

Temperate seasons: The reason my favorite seasons are spring and fall is for the simple reason that they are not too hot or cold. They have pleasant weather whereas summer and winter have extreme temperatures. I like pleasant weather because you don't burn or freeze to death.

Adhrut Kulkarni

Grade 3, Stevenson

Snowmen and angels: My favorite season is winter. I like to make a snowman and snow angels.

Katelyn Ackerman

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Warm air and water: My favorite season is summer. I love the warm summer air. I also love to swim in the warm water and drink a fresh cup of lemonade. I like to go to camp and make s'mores by the hot fire. The last thing I like is the Fourth of July. I watch the fireworks blast in the air.

Amare Conner

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Relax in the sun: My favorite season is summer. I love to sit and relax in the sun. I love to go swimming and play on a nice day. I like to play with all my friends and go swimming with them. I like playing with my animals outside in the summer.

Maggie Kelley

Grade 4, Towanda