My friend: I want to tell you about my friend Demir. I like Demir because he is nice to me and cares for me. Sometimes I call him Demmie. He likes me because I give him company. I like him because he is kind to everybody.

Milo Becicka

Grade 2, Benjamin

Purr-fect pet: What I want to do is spend lots of time with my perfect pet, my kitten. His name is Stitch. My sister's cat's name is Lilo. They are siblings. That is why it is Lilo and Stitch, like the movie. I will have lots of fun with my cat, Stitch.

Chloe Hedden

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Arts and crafts: I love arts and crafts. When my mom and dad say I can play, I do art. When my mom or dad are free, I can do art with my parents. My mom loves when I help her because she can do art with me.

Laasya Ayyapusetty

Grade 1, Grove

Snow construction: If I had a snow day I would build a snow house. I would have a snowball fight. I would build a snowman.

Lucas Bartels

Grade 2, Heyworth

Time with family: I like my family because I like spending time with them on weekends because I don't see them. I am at school, and my dad is at work, and my mom is at work three days a week, and my sister and brother are at school, too.

Mya Krugger

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Good garlic: Garlic bread is good. There is a sandwich that tastes like garlic bread. We buy garlic breadsticks to eat. The garlic is yummy. I like garlic a lot.

Aden Frye

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

My five dogs: Woof! Woof! I am talking about my dogs. Their names are Jewels, Caramel, Skyler, Sakura and Zipper. My dogs love to go on walks, and they love treats. I love to play with my five dogs. I love to make my dogs howl.

Keaton Barth

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

New Olympic sport: Cubbing is my sport. Cubs race down a hill and up a hill. One cub races another cub. They go under a line. It is inside a building.

Camdyn Skelton

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Playing at Recess: My favorite thing about school is recess because I play a lot and play with my friends a lot. What I also like about recess is sports like soccer, football, kickball and tennis. Another reason I like recess is grass.

Yann Yetimbi

Grade 2, Oakdale

Toddler time: My brother is 2 years old. His name is Briggs. He is very ornery. Last week he spilled baking soda all over the kitchen floor.

Brinklee Burns

Grade 1, Olympia South

Favorite place to be: School is my favorite place to be because I'm with my friends and teachers like Mrs. Filkins and Mrs. Jefferson and more, but the best part is seeing my friends and having a blast with people. They are like my family.

River Miethe

Grade 5, Parkside 

My favorite shark: Megalodon is my favorite shark. So speaking of Megalodon, let me tell you more facts. People call it the black demon.

Aidan Wiechmann

Grade 1, Prairieland

Being kind: Have you been kind to someone? You should be kind to everyone, even your friends at school, by helping them with chores. When you're kind it feels nice.

Ellie Underwood

Grade 2, Prairieland 

The best of friends: I have a lot of friends but one of my friends I've been friends with since I was new in second grade, and that friend is Alana. In second grade we were both new and we sat together and started to talk. Alana and I think we are twins. We were a lot a like, until she got glasses.

Joana Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

Baseball season: Baseball season is the best time of the year. It's all I can think about! The best weather for baseball is in the fall, when it is cold but the sun is just shining down on you. It feels good for the players, but the fans are freezing.

Reagan Williams

Grade 5, Prairieland

Cute little 'doggos': I like dogs. Do you like dogs? Dogs are cute. Dogs are funny. They make cute little puppies. Cute little "doggos" make me happy!

Isadora Alvarez

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Favorite movies: My favorite movie is "Charlie Brown" because it is funny and entertaining. My second favorite movie is "Chicken Little" because when Chicken Little came home from his baseball game, he was saying "I am the champion!" and he said it four times, and it was funny!

Giovanni Brookshier

Grade 3, Sheridan

Love my family: I love my family because They help me whenever I need help. I love my family because they play with me when I don't have anyone.

Jason Austin

Grade 2, Stevenson

Scooter the cat: I like to play with my cat. He is a fat cat. His name is Scooter.

Logan Rakers

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Art hobby: My favorite hobby is to draw, color, paint — anything that has to do with art. I love art! In my opinion I am best at people and accessories. There is one quirky thing about my drawing people: I can't draw hands! Whenever I do they are fat and don't fit the arm!

Cara Williams

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Lots of friends: I have lots of friends. Some of my friends' names are Riley, Kella, Hailey, Mara, Izzy and Gaby. They are the best friends ever. I love them so much! They are really nice and kind. I wish they were my sisters!

Anya O'Shea

Grade 2, Benjamin

Favorite video game: My favorite video game is "Battlefield 1" because I get to ride on horses in it. I also get to drive a plane. You need to try it.

Waylon Nickum Boyd

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Like my teacher: I like my teacher. I know lots of things because she teaches me and my class. It's fun when she teaches us because she teaches us good things. My teacher's name is Mrs. Goelitz.

Haval Alkalidi

Grade 1, Grove

When it snows: In the snow I make a snowman. In the snow I go sledding. In the snow I make a snow angel. On snow days I watch movies and drink hot chocolate.

Rosie Dubson

Grade 2, Heyworth

Favorite snack: My favorite snack is goldfish because they are so good. The color is yellow.

Joey King

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Can't wait for snow: I cannot wait until snow is here. I will make a snowman and I'll play snowball fights with my dad. When it snows I will make a snow angel in the snow. On snow days I drink hot chocolate, and it tastes good.

Aiden Aeschleman

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

When I grow up: I want to be a nurse and help people.

Audrey Wahls

Grade 2, Oakdale

Brave police officer: When I grow up I want to be a police officer. They are very nice and brave.

Garner Wiens

Grade 1, Olympia South

Reading, writing and recess: What I like about School: I like reading and writing. It is fun. I also like recess.

Emma Sweeney

Grade 1, Prairieland

Try to be kind: I am always kind to my family, and they are always kind to me. I am kind at home and at school. I show kindness when I help someone up when they are hurt, and I also show kindness by being polite. 

Brady Wettstein

Grade 2, Prairieland

Amazing dolphins: Dolphins are amazing and graceful creatures. Did you know baby dolphins are born swimming with their parents? I wish I was a dolphin because I love to swim and do tricks in the water.

Claire Taylor

Grade 4, Prairieland

Fun at school: I love school. It is very fun. I really like when we do geography. I have learned that 71 percent of the Earth is water. But first of all there is my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Stanley. She is a great teacher. I also like art, P.E., music and learning center.

Skyler D'Urso

Grade 2, Stevenson

Visit Japan: If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Japan. I would watch hours of anime and go to a cat cafe. It's a place filled with cats to kiss and snuggle! That is why if I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Japan.

Dylan Millburg

Grade 5, Sugar Creek