Give love: On Valentine's Day I like to give love. On Valentine's Day I want to give hugs and kisses to my family. Valentine's Day is Feb. 14.

Brianna Digietrantonio

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Birthday holiday: I love Valentine's Day because I can eat chocolate and my birthday is on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a special day when you can go to restaurants and other places. It's about spending time with your family.

Kavarlae Huge

Grade 2, Stevenson

Crafts for Mom: I love Valentine's Day because you can make stuff for your Mom. I love Valentine's Day. I am never going to forget about it.

Ethan Harding

Grade 3, Sheridan

A happy time: Valentine's Day is a good time to think about your family. Also, it's a good time to give your loved ones chocolate. Another thing is you can give valentines to your classmates. That's why I think Valentine's Day is a happy time.

AJ Luna

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Brother's birthday: Valentine's Day is fun and even more fun because of my brother's birthday. You get chocolate, and if you're in school you can play games and have fun with your class.

Zarai Salinas

Grade 4, St. Mary's

Cupid's story: "I shoot you with my arrow, now fall in love!" said Cupid. Cupid also is known as Amor. Cupid is the god of love in Roman mythology. In the early days Cupid was shown as a young, athletic man. Now is is shown as a chubby infant with wings and a bow with arrows.

Sophie Deany

Grade 5, Prairieland

Loads of fun: Valentine's Day is loads of fun! Getting valentines from family and friends makes me feel warm inside! My class parties are great! I like playing games and eating all the candy I get from my valentines.

Kate Snyder

Grade 4, Prairieland

Presents and cards: Valentine's Day is an awesome holiday! My favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day is to give presents and cards to people I love. At my house I have cards to write letters in. When I give someone a letter I feel really happy and excited for them to open it.

Agatha Estabrook

Grade 3, Prairieland

Sweet treats: On Valentine's Day I have a party. I pass out valentines. I like to eat sweet treats.

Hunter Hobson

Grade 2, Prairieland

Love every day: What I like about Valentine's Day is love. Love is the best. I give love to my mom every night. You give love every day.

Luke Woods

Grade 1, Prairieland

A favorite holiday: Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays because it is all about love and being kind to one another. Also on Valentine's Day you can pass out valentines cards to your friends and family.

Rakia Dovenduck

Grade 5, Parkside

Valentine's lesson: "Do you know what Valentine's Day is?" asked the teacher. I raised my hand. "Yes?" said the teacher. "Candy," I said. "No. It's about love," the teacher said. "Eww," said the class. "I mean like how you love your mom," the teacher said. "OK, that's better," I said.

Marli Evans

Grade 4, Olympia South

Opening gifts: I give valentine cards to my mom and dad, my mimi and papa. I give a gift or two. I love to watch them open the gifts. I love Valentine's Day.

Tucker Garey

Grade 2, Olympia South

Care for everyone: At Valentine's Day I love to show care to everyone I know.

Macy Furman

Grade 1, Olympia South

Even strangers: Valentine's Day is a day when you can send a card to someone. It's a day to give happiness and love to people, even if you don't know them. The cool thing is it doesn't matter if you give love to a total stranger.

Hagan Corry

Grade 4, Oakland

Making cards: I can't even wait for Valentine's Day. It's all about love, but then that's kind of gross (if you're a kid). I am making a card for the special day on Feb. 14. My card is to my mom. She also loves Valentine's Day.

Ada Stojentin

Grade 3, Oakland

Family love: Valentine's Day is special to me because I love my brother because he taught me my name in cursive. I love my mom because she does dishes and makes dinner. I love my dad because he does the laundry. I love myself because I feed my dogs.

Max Barth

Grade 2, Oakdale

Spread joy: For Valentine's Day sometimes you get chocolate and teddy bears. Sometimes you can spread joy and love. You can be kind to others. 

Rylee Brimm

Grade 1, Oakdale 

Amazing holiday: Valentine's Day is amazing because you get sweet cards and candy, and sometimes you get stuffed animals. My favorite candy on Valentine's Day is chocolate. I also love Valentine's Day because you get to design a box so people can put cards in.

Maya Lanier

Grade 5, Northpoint

Playing games: I love seeing my family and friends. We play board games. We play hide and seek.

Cheyanne Jones

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Hugs and kisses: Valentine's Day: a day of hugs and kisses. It's a day when Cupid shoots his arrows at people. It's a day when my birthday is near. I love Valentine's Day.

Dayton Miller

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Visit with family: I love Valentine's Day because I love seeing family. I love when I see my new baby cousin because she is so cute. I love when we get to eat with my family because we love to talk.

Emily Browning

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Decorating: My family and I decorate for Valentine's Day. My little sister and I like to cut out paper hearts and hang them close to the fireplace. Red, pink, purple and white are valentine colors. 

Evie Mounce

Grade 2, Grove

Like it a little: I don't like Valentine's Day. I like it only a little bit because I like the candy and the food.

Leonardo Samayoa

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

In the heart: Valentine's Day is in the heart. I love Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is to give love to the people I love. I care about the people who I know like my mom, dad and little brother. Valentine's Day is a special day because your heart is full of love.

Colton Carpenter

Grade 2, Benjamin

Colorful drawings: I like Valentine's Day because we give cards to others. Valentine's Day is fun. I like to draw hearts with pink, red, white and purple. I like to give cards to my family.

Claire Beeman

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Giving and getting: I like Valentine's Day because you get to give chocolate and get chocolate.

Quinton Alexander

Grade 2, Stevenson

Love, not hate: Valentine's Day is about love and God, not hate. You give teddy bears, chocolate and other things. What it's really about is kindness and sharing and love!

Arianna Green

Grade 3, Sheridan

Not Halloween: Valentine's Day is a good holiday. People give you a lot of valentines. Sometimes they might give you candy, but it's not Halloween. This is Valentine's Day. They might give you some candy hearts that say some stuff.

Haylee Pemberton

Grade 4, Prairieland

Expressing love: Valentine's Day is a day of expressing your love for another person. Some people do chocolates, others do flowers, but I feel like the best way to express love it to say you love them.

Eli Barlow

Grade 5, Parskide

Lovely moments: Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. You get to spend time with your family. Sometimes you get to eat really good chocolate. You can give flowers to your friends. You can have lovely moments with your mom or dad.

Addisyn Briggs-Burcham

Grade 3, Oakland

Love Oakdale: On Valentine's Day I have steak at home and at school we have a party. I love roses and Ms. Groff as a teacher. I love Mr. Cooper as a principal in Oakdale and the best I have ever had in my life.

Rayonna Snyder

Grade 2, Oakdale

Special valentine: For Valentine's Day I am going to make homemade cards and snowflakes. I am hoping for someone special to ask me to be their valentine. This special someone is very special to me.

Adeline Wilson

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Friends come over: On Valentine's Day my friends come over. We play outside if it is nice enough. We all make cards for our parents. When we give them to them on Valentine's Day they hug us.

Varnika Bala

Grade 2, Grove

Nice to share: I like Valentine's Day because my class gets valentine cards and candy, and we celebrate Valentine's Day in our school, and we all can give cards to each other because it's nice to share.

Jessica Sandoval

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Plans for the day: Valentine's Day's fun. I go to get candy for my friends. I like to play with my family. I like to eat food. I make cards for my friends. I put candy on them sometimes. Sometimes I like to take naps, but not for too long. I want to play with my family more.

Jaxen Maubach

Grade 2, Benjamin