Many possibilities: There're so many possibilities for next year. Next year, I will work on not talking in class. I will try to make some more friends next year. I will work harder in art. I will try my best to get along with my sister better.

Gavin Reneger

Grade 2, Benjamin

New Year's Eve: Next year at New Year I'm going to stay up to 11:00 and get to drink grape juice. And I get to watch TV and spend time with my family.

Joey Digiacomo

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Things to do: Next year is 2018. Here are some things I want to do. First, I can't wait for my cursive class. Next, I will not forget to do my homework every day. Then I will be good every day. Last, I will like Mrs. Goelitz forever.

Ava Heatley

Grade 1, Grove

Bond with brother: Next year, I want to bond with my brother. We always fight and we never, ever get along. The longest we've ever gotten along is five minutes. I want to do fun activities, like tag, with him.

Lalitha Neti

Grade 4, Grove

Like my mom: Next year I want to learn how to divide. I want to learn how to divide because I want to get closer to being like my mom. When I grow up I want to be just like her.

Olivia Updegraff

Grade 2, Heyworth

See Hawaii: Next year I want to go to Hawaii. I want to get a lei. I want to check out some places there. I would like to see volcanoes. I would like to try their food.

Gabby Embry

Grade 4, High Road

Learn to box: Next year I want to learn how to box. Boxing is good exercise. I want a punching bag. I want to be a professional boxer.

Alex Fillmore

Grade 5, High Road

Go to Colorado: What I want to do next year is go on vacation. We would go to Colorado. Colorado is the best place to be. My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jhon live there. They are the best. They live in Colorado Springs.

Lane Cummings

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Play quarterback: The thing I want to do next year is sign up for football. The reason I want to sign up for football is football is fun and because I like to be the quarterback. 

Jayden Pruett

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Books and friends: Next year what I want to do is read more books and make new friends. 

Eva Jensen

Grade 4, Northpoint

Setting goals: Next year I want to improve my sports. I will do this by putting a lot of effort toward my activities and setting goals for myself.

Cole Pryor

Grade 5, Northpoint

Learn about animals: This next year I want to learn about animals. Then when I grow up to be a farmer I can take good care of animals.

Kaida Zorn

Grade 3, Northwest

Fun at the fair: Next year I want to go to the McLean County Fair because I went last year with my friends. It was so much fun. My favorite ride was the Super Drop. It goes high. After you get to the top, you drop.

Keagan Tarpley

Grade 2, Oakdale

Grow in life: What I want to do next year is grow in life and just meet new friends and just have a great time next year.

Ashley Regan

Grade 5, Oakdale

Football family: Next year I want to play football. Next year I want to play football because my brother played football.

Asher Clark

Grade 1, Olympia South

Overnight camp: Next year I want to go to overnight camp. I like to go to overnight camp because we have pizza. 

Helen Canada

Grade 1, Prairieland

Math and soccer: Next year I would like to do division and multiplication and play soccer.

Hunter Hobson

Grade 2, Prairieland

Playing the flute: Screech! That was me playing the flute. That is what I want to learn next year. First, I love the sound it makes. I also like how it is so shiny. Someday I want to be in a band. 

Derek Kellum

Grade 4, Prairieland

Junior high baseball: Next year I think it will be fun to be in junior high because I will be able to play a baseball game in front of a huge crowd and be part of the Parkside Junior High team.

Brady Hart

Grade 5, Prairieland

Summer goals: Next year I want to ride my bike to Normal, and I want to get a new swing set because my old one we have now was there when my sister was 2! I want to go to the beach with a new swimsuit.

Natalie Krylowicz

Grade 2, St. Mary's

Flip for gymnastics: Next year I want to start gymnastics because I love to do tricks. I love floor and beam bars. So, that is what I want to do next year.

Josephine Adelman

Grade 3, St. Mary's

Straight-A starter: What I want to do next year is be a starter on the school basketball team. Also I want to have straight A's, and that's what I want to do next year.

Eoin Kohn

Grade 4, St. Mary's

Best I can be: What I want to do next year is to be a state qualifier for wrestling. I will have to work hard and be the best that I can be.

Cole Gentsch

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Learn a lot: What I want to do next year is learn a lot of stuff like math. I also want to have friends and have a cool teacher.

Bryan Futrell

Grade 3, Sheridan

Cool karate: What I want to do next year: I want to do karate because it is fun, and I want to do cool stuff.

Baylen Kinkela

Grade 2, Stevenson

Fun stuff and slime: Next year I would love to go to Gatlinburg and Disney World. I also would like to have lots of sleepovers with my friends and family. I also would like to go shopping. Oh, and make lots and lots of slime.

Lilly Heilman

Grade 4, Stevenson

Turkey Run: Next year I want to go camping. I want to go to Turkey Run. I want to ride horses.

Lauren McBride

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Learn French: My goal for 2018 is to learn French! Every time I go to the movies there's always an ad that is translated in French. I want to go to Paris someday, and I need a French accent. I'm going to learn, no matter what!

Paola Berrios

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Exciting new grade: Flip, flip, flip. That's me reading big, fat books in third grade. I really hope next year is as good as this year. Starting a new grade will be exciting! I hope the chickens are as good as they say they are.

Anya O'Shea

Grade 2, Benjamin

Somewhere fun: I want to go somewhere fun like Disney World, Disneyland or Six Flags in Chicago in the summer, and at school, well, I want to do science experiments and field trips and a lot more math!

Aiden Caninder

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Fun with water: Next year is 2018. Here are some of the things I want to do. First, I want to go swimming. Next, I want to go to a water park. Then I want to go to splash in a hot tub or a pool. Last, I want to play in the snow.

Anya Patel

Grade 1, Grove

Try again for Disney: In 2018 I want to go to Disney. I want to go because I have never been there before. I wanted to go, but a hurricane ruined my trip. I am looking forward to going in 2018.

Tyler Bell

Grade 2, Heyworth

Impress with math: Next year I want to learn multiplication because I want to be smart. I also want to impress my moms. I also want to teach my brother so before he gets into third grade he will know times.

Elijah Ortega

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Learn more things: Next year I want to improve and learn more things at school! I want to get good grades and have lots more fun!

Brady Kim

Grade 5, Northpoint

Eat healthy foods: In 2018, I want to eat healthy foods. I want to be in ballet with my friend Bella.

Madison Brady

Grade 2, Oakdale

Play outside: I can't wait to see next summer. I am going to go outside and swim and play outside.

Alivia Lovelett

Grade 1, Olympia South

Get a phone: Next year I want to get a phone because when I'm in fifth grade I will be much more responsible. I will clean my room and put it in a special place so my little sister can't get it. 

Joanna Brown

Grade 4, Prairieland

Learn about electricity: Next year I want to do science with electricity because I can discover new things that I never knew.

Alaiyrrah Clark

Grade 3, Sheridan

Wonder about next year: I wonder what I am going to do next year. I want to go to Disney World. I also want to visit my grandparents in Florida. Next year I am going to try to get good grades in my final year in elementary school.

Joey Balonis

Grade 4, Stevenson

Play the guitar: When 2018 comes the one goal that sticks out for me is to learn how to play the guitar. I want to play guitar because I can already play drums, and I want to make a solo band and entertain people.

Claudia Harrison

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Family vacation: What I want to do next year is go on vacation with my family. It will be so fun going! I wish that we could go every year, and we might even go to Disney World!

Kate Kelly

Grade 2, Jefferson Park