Pikachu snowman: It is fun in winter when I make a snowman. It is a Pikachu snowman. It has a Pikachu hat. It will be fun. His name will be Snow Pikachu.

Alden Marlowe

Grade 2, Stevenson

What makes winter fun? What makes winter fun? Hot cocoa makes it fun — and snowmen, snow angels, marshmallows, Christmas, candy cans and cookies. In the winter my family goes to get popcorn and cocoa. My family watches a movie and eats popcorn and drinks hot cocoa.

Javaya Pace

Grade 3, Sheridan

Winter wishes: Have you ever heard that if you wish upon a star, that your wishes will come true? On the first and last day of snow, I make a wish upon the first snowflake that I see. I do this because of the sudden feeling that at least one thing knows what I desire. 

Faithe Streily

Grade 5, Prairieland

Awesome winter: Winter is awesome. You can sit back in the snow and enjoy all the snow. I mean it might be cold but you should enjoy it while you have it because we don't get snow every day.

Tyler Cunningham

Grade 4, Prairieland

Do what you love: In winter, fun things I like to do are building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa. I love doing these things in winter. What about you? What do you do in winter?

Addison Smith

Grade 4, Olympia South

Family time: I think winter fun is spending time with your family and playing in the snow. Winter fun is having snowball fights and building snowmen. You can do anything, like make cookies, paper snowflakes or snow angels. I just say, "Be creative!"

Briana Perring

Grade 3, Oakland

Snowy days: It's so much fun playing in the sparkly snow, but first you have to get on your cozy clothes, then you can have fun!

Avery Holzbauer

Grade 3, Northpoint

Igloo with family: I build an igloo. I make it with Mom, Josh and Dad.

Jacob Daniels

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

A lot to do: There are a lot of things you can do in winter. You can have fun, build a snowman, make a snow fort and go ice fishing. So when you are cold, you can go inside your home and drink hot cocoa. Plus, there is Christmas stuff you can play with if you are bored.

Thorson Jahnke

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Sledding with cousins: I like to play outside in the winter. I go to my grandma's house to go sledding with my cousins. I went sledding with my cousins, but it was too cold for them. It was fun outside, playing in the snow.

Grace Burle

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Winter break: My winter break was so awesome! We played in the snow a lot. I mean it! We played for about seven hours in all, and we made a very small fort for Audrey, my 3-year-old little sister. We had lots of snowball fights over winter break, too.

Ellie McNamara

Grade 3, Grove

Fun at Grandma's house: Winter is fun! On vacation I went to my grandma's house. I played in the snow. I made snow angels and I went sledding. My dad pushed Madeline and me down the hill. My grandpa put out his lawnmower and tied a rope to it. He pulled me.

Arianna Bland

Grade 1, Grove

Snow sculptures: On a snowy day I like to make snow sculptures. Making them is fun. I also like to make snowmen. I always put a carrot nose on it. Snow angels are fun, too, but I usually don't make those.

Lily Moline

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Downhill sledding: During winter I like to go sledding down a big hill with my family. I like going outside and playing in the snow. I also like making snow angels in my backyard.

Nicholas Jelinek

Grade 3, Eiphany

Why I like winter: Everyone loves winter, but I think they love summer more. Here I will tell you what I love about winter. I love snowball fights and building a snowman. I also like tricking my friends with yellow snow, but it's lemonade!

Keira Hendricks

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Stay dry: It is fun to play in the snow, but it is not fun to get wet. Snow can be fun, but my mom does not like the snow because it is wet. My dad and I love the snow. 

Thelma Ramsay

Grade 2, Stevenson

Fun when you're bored: If I'm bored in the winter I have a little fun. I throw snowballs and make snow cakes and that stuff.

Jacob Ehrich

Grade 3, Sheridan

Building snow forts: My favorite snow activity (when it gets cold enough) is constructing fashionable snowmen and stiff snow forts. One year my brother and I went outside in a snow blizzard and made a snow fort. After we were done building the fort we just chilled and ate snow!

Taylor McKee

Grade 5, Prairieland

Amazing winter: Winter is amazing because you get to play in the snow. I always build snowmen, then destroy them. I sometimes build igloos but not all the time. They always fall on me. The best part about winter is having hot chocolate.

James Strehl

Grade 4, Prairieland

Riding the sled: I like to make snowmen, snow angels and snowballs to have a snowball fight. I also like to ride the sled while someone drives the four-wheeler. Then I go in and drink hot chocolate. It's so fun. I love snow.

Anna Johnson

Grade 4 Olympia South

Ice fishing: I like to go ice fishing. I catch lots of fish. I have lots of fun. I go fishing with my dad. I go fishing on my pond.

Dale Davison

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

Best time of year: Winter is the best time of year because of the snow. I love to go outside and have a snowball fight and make a fort in the snow. I love to make a snowman, and I like to go sledding.

Keaton Barth

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Collecting pine cones: Winter is my favorite season. I find pine cones for a pine cone collection. I play with my sister and my brother inside. I play outside with my dog, Nova. Winter is the best season of all.

Tynlee Albertson

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Tracks in the snow: I like to look for snow prints. One time I tracked a black cat. I didn't catch him. I wanted to pet him.

Alex Fillmore

Grade 5, High Road

Wisconsin Dells: We went to the Wisconsin Dells with our friends for New Year's Eve and just hung out. Then we went with just our family to Chicago, and there we went shopping and to "Hamilton" and the Field Museum. I also slept over break!

Delaney Butler

Grade 3, Grove

Sledding with friends: I like to build snowmen and go sledding with my friends, and every winter we go and have a snowball fight. 

Jack Fogle

Grade 1, Grove

What I like: Winter is fun. I like to make igloos. I like to have snowball fights. I like to have hot cocoa. I like to make snowmen. I like to make snow angels. I like to have candy canes.

Leah Armes

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Snowball fight with brother: I was doing a snowball fight with my brother. And after that, we got hot cocoa.

Evan Hunt

Grade 3, Epiphany

Time for Christmas: To me winter is a snowball fight with my brother and sister. I would win — and make snow angels and a snowman. My favorite thing about December is ... Christmas! And hot cocoa by the fireplace.

Monique Booker

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Catching snowflakes: Winter is fun in many ways. We could go make a snowman or catch snowflakes on your tongue. We could make snow angels and have fun and safe snowball fights. My favorite thing about winter is how fun it is to sit with the family and have hot cocoa and play games.  

Janiya Byrd

Grade 3, Sheridan

Super fast sledding: I like to go sledding because you can go super fast, then you crash into the snow. Then you say you want to go again. Then you go into a banked turn. The you end up on the snow. Then you yell, "Best snow day ever!"

Bradyn Hardesty

Grady 4, Prairieland

Play with parents: I like winter because I make angels in the snow. I play with my dad and my mom in the snow. We make a snowman outside. Winter is the best season.

Ellie Hillison

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Pirates' Cove: This winter break I did a lot of fun things, but my favorite part was spending time with my family. My favorite activity was going to the water park Pirates' Cove with my grandparents. The place was big and hot and I had so much fun.

Alaina Larazza

Grade 3, Grove

Rigth next to Christmas: I love winter! It is so fun because it is right next to Christmas. I love building a snowman and a fort for a snowball fight.

Ben Meyer

Grade 3, Epiphany

Cool things: I like winter because you get to do snowmen and snow angels and some other cool things that you can do. In winter you can do holiday parties. I enjoy being with my sisters and doing snow angels.

Keily Molina

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Winter vacation: On vacation I played in the snow. In the snow I had a snowball fight, and then we drank hot chocolate. And then we played inside.

Esme Sanchez

Grade 1, Grove