McLean County

Ronald Lee Galloway, Chatsworth, and Mary Catherine Galloway, Forrest.

Richard Dale Thackeray and Laurie Olson Smock, both of Colfax.

Ryan Taylor Oliva, Bloomington, and Heather Marie Hedrick, Rockford.

David M. Kellerhals and Shawna K. Franks, both of Bloomington.

Robert Alan Hospelhorn and Kara Beth Smalley, both of Hudson.

Shawn Edward Latta and Kathryn Anne Phillips, both of Bloomington.

Andrew James Grimm and Saranya Gopu, both of Bloomington.

Brian Leonard Kirby and Samantha Lyn Westhoff, both of Minier.

Lawrence Jacob Nord and Allison Kaye Essig, both of Chicago.

Erik Craig Davis and Kimberly Rae Kratz, both of Normal.

Roger Dale Doolin Jr. and Ashley Nicole Builta, both of Emden.

Christopher Lakadat and Susan Eileen Arrowood, both of Normal.

James Randall Buss and Amber Elizabeth Jordan, both of Pontiac.

Jeffrey Scott Jordan and Jennifer Lynn Wunderlich, both of Hudson.

Travis Wayne Back and Melissa Nicole Kavajecz, both of Gibson City.

Patrick Ntwali Lubala and Regina Powers, both of Normal.

Brian Lee Landstrom and Raven Nicole Aslanis, both of Normal.

Michael Todd Aper and Rebecca Ann Roesch, both of Saybrook.

Ronald Leonard Snyder and Lynel Diane Miller, both of Bloomington.

Andre Perry and Robin Lynn Huff, both of Bloomington.


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