SPRINGFIELD -- A book written by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich about the scandal that rocked, then ended, his time in office is set for sale starting in September.

"The Governor" is set for release just after Labor Day, said Blagojevich spokesman Glenn Selig. And Amazon.com shows a for-sale date of Sept. 8.

Blagojevich wrote the book for what Selig has called a "six-figure" deal as he prepares his legal defense against federal corruption charges. Selig said the book is complete.

Facing impeachment and ouster, Blagojevich this winter embarked on a national media tour trying to clear his name. Lawmakers booted him anyway, but a description of the book shows it may be have similar themes.

"And it is a proclamation that one man will not be silenced, that his side of the story must be heard and that the fight for American liberties and freedom must sometimes occur within its own borders," reads a synopsis on Amazon.com.

The book's cover shows a photo of Blagojevich, along with the words: "The truth behind the political scandal that continues to rock the nation."

Still, it may be tough to convince the lawmakers that voted for his ouster, as well an Illinois public that polls suggest didn't approve of Blagojevich's job performance.

"No, I don't plan to read it," said Republican state Rep. Bill Mitchell of Forsyth. "This is America. He can say anything he wants."

Blagojevich and the scandal surrounding him is already appearing as a major theme in the 2010 campaigns for major state offices such as governor and U.S. Senate.

Any claims in the book might further fuel those campaigns. The Sept. 8 release date would be months before a February 2010 primary.

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