BLOOMINGTON - A judge denied motions to suppress evidence Tuesday filed by a McLean County jail inmate who is acting as his own attorney on drug charges.

Andrew Pinkston, 37, filed requests that statements he made to police and evidence collected during searches be thrown out. Pinkston is charged with delivering drugs near a church in October.

In April, Pinkston asked Judge Scott Drazewski for permission to represent himself. He said he was dissatisfied with the work of attorneys from the McLean County public defender's office on previous legal matters.

During a hearing that lasted more than two hours Tuesday, Pinkston asked for an assistant to take notes during an upcoming trial.

"I want an assistant to keep notes and keep track of things during trial testimony. I'm not able to keep track of everything that's said by everybody during testimony," said Pinkston.

The judge said Pinkston had several options but having a court-appointed assistant to take notes was not one of them. A public defender earlier rejected by Pinkston could be appointed or a lawyer could be assigned as stand-by counsel, an option the judge did not favor during earlier discussions with Pinkston.

Pinkston asked if he could choose which public defender would represent him.

"It's not my call as to which attorney represents you," said the judge, adding that Public Defender Amy Davis assigns attorneys to cases in her office.

The judge also denied a request by Pinkston for the appointment of a private attorney outside the public defender's office.

Pinkston said he will continue to represent himself. He also plans to file a motion for a new judge in the case.

The court allowed a request by Pinkston for transcripts of several hearings. The written records may be used by Pinkston to prepare his motion for a new judge.

A July 26 status hearing is scheduled. A deadline will be given to Pinkston at that hearing to file his request for another judge.


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