Jamie Snow
Jamie Snow was convicted in 2001 of killing William Little during a robbery of the former Clark service station in Bloomington where Little worked as an attendant. He is serving life in prison. (Illinois Department of Corrections photo)

BLOOMINGTON -- A Bloomington man serving life in prison for a murder he claims he did not commit has asked that a judge outside the 11th Judicial Circuit hear his case, starting with his request for a new trial.

Attorneys for Jamie Snow filed the motion for a change of venue Tuesday with Judge Paul Lawrence. Snow, 43, was convicted in 2001 of the 1991 shooting of William Little during a robbery of a former Clark Service Station in Bloomington.

The possibility that a McLean County judge may be called to the witness stand to answer questions about his role in the case makes it necessary for the case to be moved, argued Tara Thompson, a lawyer with the University of Chicago's Exoneration Project.

Snow was not in court for the hearing.

Statements from several witnesses may require that former prosecutor Charles Reynard, now a McLean County judge, take the witness stand if a hearing is held on Snow's request for a new trial, said the motion.

Lawrence said he will consult with Judge Elizabeth Robb, chief judge of the 11th Circuit that includes McLean County, about the venue request.

Bill Workman, the prosecutor handling the case, recently said he is reviewing the petition and will file a response.

In a lengthy post-conviction petition filed earlier this month, Snow's lawyers raised questions about the identification evidence presented at Snow's trial more than eight years after Little's death. At least six witnesses interviewed by the defense have recanted their testimony implicating Snow, defense lawyers claim.

Prosecutors were given until March 24 to respond to Snow's request for a new trial. An April 26 hearing is scheduled on the change of venue motion.



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