BLOOMINGTON — An Arrowsmith man previously charged with torturing and killing pigs now faces multiple counts of child pornography and sexual abuse of a minor girl.

Quentin Getty, 22, was jailed in lieu of posting $100,025 after a Friday court appearance on charges that he solicited, possessed and disseminated pornographic images of a minor girl with whom he was acquainted.

Getty also is charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of the alleged victim from Dec. 1 though Dec. 25.

The felony pornography charges that could result in several consecutive prison terms ranging from four to 15 years involve alleged incidents from November 2012 through March 2013. Getty is accused of using a cellphone to store and disseminate the illegal material.

Getty has been in jail on charges related to an incident in early March in which he allegedly shot two pigs with a crossbow at a Lexington farm before cutting their throats. Evidence of the animals later was found in his trunk during a traffic stop in Fairbury.

Getty already was on probation after shooting, but not killing, a cow with a crossbow in 2010.

After his arrest on charges of animal torture, burglary and theft in the pig incident, Getty was charged with residential burglary stemming from a Dec. 27 break-in.

Getty will be arraigned April 12 on the child pornography and sexual abuse charges.

A second man, Trevor Stewart, 17, of Arrowsmith faces theft and burglary charges in the pig incident.

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