PONTIAC — An inmate at Pontiac Correctional Center was sentenced to 30 additional years in prison Tuesday for assaulting a correctional officer during an August 2016 incident at the facility.

Daniel Hadnot was convicted of aggravated battery of a correctional institutional employee. The inmate was one of four prisoners charged in connection with an Aug. 21, 2016, altercation that left six officers injured.

Livingston County State's Attorney Randy Yedinak said the sentence may mean little to Hadnot, who already had 34 years to serve on felony charges, including  murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery.

"But it will mean something to others. It will means something to that inmate who is set to be released in a year or two. He'll think twice now before he takes a cheap shot at a correctional officer," said the prosecutor.

The additional three decades in prison also sends a message to Pontiac staff involved in the incident "and every other correctional officer who is going to wake up and put on that same unfiform, knowing that he or she will be dealing with the inmates just like Daniel Hadnot," said Yedinak.

A correctional officer injured in the incident that occurred as nine inmates were returning from time outside their cells and a second officer who assisted her testified at the sentencing hearing before Judge Jennifer Bauknecht.

Charges remain pending against three other inmates. 

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