The following divorces were recently finalized in McLean County court:

Stivers, Bradley and Georgia

Morales, Edgar and Carly

Reiter, James and Amber

DeYoung, Devin and Kacey Wheeler

Lacey, Aaron and Cheryl

Rapp, Roger and Michelle

Niepagen, Robert and Carrie

Gaddis, Travis and Elizabeth

Iannone, Timothy and Patricia

Dennis, Steven and Litta

Phillips, Kurt and Emily

Engel, Denny and Jennifer

Rolfs, Phillip and Jane

King, Grayling and Rogeane

Griffis, Roger Jr. and Jennifer Allen

Collins, Michael and Gail

Hanner, Bryan and Donya

Mosher, Derrick and Ger-maine

Bartels, James and Krista

Combs, Kent and Amy

Filipak, Michael and Cara

Kerwin, Kristopher and Emily

Serepin, Timothy and Ar-lene

Orrick, Bradley and Melissa


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