BLOOMINGTON — The City Council will vote Monday on a new noise ordinance that would allow the city to enforce rules by measuring decibel levels and put time limits on certain activities.

Aldermen during their 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 109 E. Olive St., also will vote on whether to adopt rule changes to the city’s dangerous and vicious dog ordinance. Also up for a vote will be a license agreement among the city, Central Illinois Arena Management and Illinois Pro Sports LLC, the company that has taken over the Blaze hockey team that plays at U.S. Cellular Coliseum.

Prior to the regular meeting, the City Council will meet in a closed session to discuss police documents related to Assistant Police Chief Bob Wall’s October traffic accident. At issue is whether to accept the Illinois attorney general’s recent order to release the documents to the public of appeal the decision.

As a result of the accident, Wall pleaded guilty to improper lane usage in a plea agreement that dismissed charges of leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report property damage.

The proposed noise ordinance would add to rules already in place for noisy animals, loud vehicles and disorderly houses.

It would set the maximum decibel level at 70 for any continuance noise, such as music, and set acceptable hours for certain loud activities.

Permitted demolition and construction could take place between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

The use of “noise-creating” blowers or internal combustion engines that create “raucous” noise across property lines, such as a lawn mower, could occur between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Use of snow removal equipment and landscaping work on golf courses would be exempt.

The proposed rules generally exempt schools, city-sponsored events and permitted outdoor events.

The ordinance would prohibit use of a loudspeaker to disturb neighbors, but Assistant City Attorney Rosalee Dodson, who drafted the ordinance, said the rules are not intended to prohibit a protest in front of City Hall, for example.

In other business, aldermen will be asked to vote on two major street repair contracts. As proposed, the contracts, both with Rowe Construction Co., are for $2.5 million for street resurfacing work and $1.3 million for street and alley repair.

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Question Everything

Seriously? Do they realize what 70 Db is like? Not very loud! And, no lawn mowing before 9:00 am or after 7:00 pm? Are these people serious? Talk about overkill! Enough with the big-brother nonsense!

Question Everything

Also meant to note- a normal speaking voice is 65-70 db.

Grandpa Sam

Question: Could you or I, not police officers, plea agreement DUI after wrecking a city vehicle? Think not, this is wrong! Police Dept. has protected it's own with a justice system stacked against the public, a double justice system! Also, 70 decibels for outside gatherings would eliminate all music at outside gatherings! Motorcycles on Veterans run around 95 or louder! How about BPD running a decibel check on them as well as speed traps? What are our elitist council people listening too? Where is their common sense? People of Bloomington, do you want focus on this ?


Not everyone works "regular" hours. Way too excessive!


I can't mow before 9 am or after 7 pm, yet a construction contractor can begin working at 6 am and work until 10 pm. What is the difference between the sound from a saw, drill or hammer and a lawn mower or blower? Noise is noise.

I typically don't start mowing my yard until after dinner, which usually has me starting between 7-7:30 pm and finishing before dark. Looks like I (and a lot of my neighbors) will be a law breaker if this passes.


This proposed noise ordinance is unheard of. What about those that work 7 am to 7 pm? What about those that want to converse with their neighbors after 7 pm? Am I going to get cited if I vacuum after 8 pm when my windows are open? If "permitted" construction can occur until 10 pm, and I own my property, then I should be "permitted" to landscape my lawn till at least 9 pm. This is pretty ridiculous. Normal regulations are 7 am to 10 pm with extreme cases getting a warning, then a citation. It should be that simple. What a waste of tax payers money on this discussion.

Forest Gump
Forest Gump

Will Harley motorcycle owners be exempted under this new noise ordinance like they apparently are exempt under the existing ordinance and exempt from the state law prohibiting loud pipes? It seems the whole point of owning a Harley is to show how obnoxious and inconsiderate one can be by revving the engine to make as much noise as possible, so maybe we ought to just ban them. It certainly would be a quieter town.


Although it may seem obnoxious, louder pipes prevent many accidents. Many drivers to not look in their blind spot and the only way they know a bike is close is the louder sound. Yes, some bikers do go overboard, we all know that. But any motorcycle rider will back me up on the statement, "Loud bikes save lives."


I totally disagree with your statement "Loud bikes save lives". I have owned and ridden motorcycles for 45 years and none of my my bikes have been excessively noisy. Obnoxious motorcycles are not manufactured that way, they are intentionally made noisy by their owners. It is not for safety as they try to say, it is for the cool macho factor only. Have you noticed the people that spout "Loud bikes save lives" are the same Neanderthals that wear zero safety equipment!


Bloomington City Council...........what a bunch of clowns!


70db? Thatrs WAY too low. You can easily hit that inside a restaraunt like Chilis any night at dinner time. Lets use some common sense Bloomington.


Where is the db level to be measured FROM? This is a very important distinction. If it is to be measured at the source of the noise, then this is ludicrous since it would mean you could not talk in a normal conversational tone in our own yard. If is is measured from the location of the person complaining, it wouldnt be so bad. But the hours need to be changed to 7am-9pm.


It is obvious that to consider such a noise ordinance and include lawn mowing they are out of touch and do not care about safety. Forcing people to mow their lawns in the heat of the day! It is more safe to mow late in the evening or early in the morning to prevent heat related injuries!


'The proposed noise ordinance would add to rules already in place for... disorderly houses.' Yaaaaaay! I wanna' be a 'disorderly house' inspector. You folks with kids, be forewarned: I would definitely begin my 'disorderly' inspection in their bedrooms.


"The ordinance would prohibit use of a loudspeaker to disturb neighbors," BHS and CCHS football? No more home football games! What about the loudspeaker at the pavilion in Miller Park? If a member of the city staff brought this to the council they should be fired. No serious thought went into this ordinance.

Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben

Did you actually READ the ordinance before making your snide comment? The actual ordinance as proposed makes exception for all of your concerns.


Glad I moved out of the area. 70 Db is to low and when it is mowing season, I mow at 7 am if I want, especially if it is going to be hot that day. 9am is totally ridiculous when you have garbage and re-cycling trucks picking up at 6 am. Sorry but 7am is not ridiculous to mow, use a hammer outside, snow blow a drive or sidewalk, etc. If you need to sleep at 7 am, then get some earplugs. Obviously the city council needs some real work problems to discuss. A good place to start would be the potholes in both city streets.


My initial comments missed the cut off of 7pm for lawn mowing, blowers, etc... Are they crazy or what? There will not be enough police officers in the area to enforce the 9 am to 7pm noise ridiculous ordinance. This must be coming from a neighbor that has been a little teed off by his neighbor that knows the value of work early in the morning and in the evening before dark. If people cannot accept the noise between 7 am and 10 pm, then move somewhere else or go buy a piece of farm ground so you can be by yourself. Again the city council has more things to do then take up noise issues and even talk about these ridiculous changes.


I agree the hours for the proposed noise ordinance is a bit off. Should be 7am to 9pm. To those saying loud pipes save lies. Really? If your car windows are up you cannot hear a loud bike coming from behind until they are just about right next to you. And why is it a lot of bikers seem to rev up the engine on a loud bike when they pull in the clutch and slow down to stop? That seems weird. People on quieter bikes don't do that. Is it OK to hear a bike a mile away? Is that reasonable? Someone mentioned speakers from Miller Park. I live over a mile from the center of Miller Park and every year at one time or another I hear music, speakers, etc. coming from there. Again, is that a reasonable, necessary noise level? Or a car stereo from over a quarter mile away, heard from inside a closed home? or a stereo from inside a closed home heard from a closed home over 100 yards away? Should I go on? A noise ordinance is definitely needed. Maybe not as strict as the one proposed, but needed.


Having to stop lawnmowers by 7 PM is absolutely ridiculous! What an insane waste of time, Bloomington! Come on... 10 PM, definitely.


The order would prohibit use of a loudspeaker to disturb neighbors.easymandiNormal regulations are around 7 am to 10 pm with tremendous cases getting a warning, then a citation. It should be that simple.

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