BLOOMINGTON — The city is looking at better connections for Constitution Trail to downtown Bloomington and Illinois Wesleyan University with its first set of shared-lane markings.

The City Council is expected to vote on Oct. 14 on a proposal to add “sharrows” on Front and Prairie streets. Sharrows, like those seen on School Street in Normal, are shared-lane markings that encourage bicyclists to use specific streets and give extra notice to drivers to be aware of bicyclists, said Public Works Director Jim Karch.

Mayor Tari Renner has pushed the idea and said the bicycle markings connecting the popular trail to downtown will be “a boost in the arm” for downtown revitalization and economic development.

Karch said that as proposed, a sharrow would run from near Robinson and Front streets along Front until it reaches Constitution Trail near Allin Street. At least one block along that route on Front Street would include a designated bike lane.

Another sharrow would run north on Prairie Street from Front Street to Walnut, along Walnut until it hits Park Street and north on Park Street to Emerson Street.

Karch said Front Street was chosen for the sharrow because it’s already wider than the current standards require and is under its vehicular traffic capacity. He said the proposed sharrows would not eliminate any street parking.

Karch said the new lane markings would “generate excitement for the community to get behind a bike plan.”

The City Council also will be asked to vote on proposal hiring the League of Illinois Bicyclists to develop a city-wide bicycle plan that would cost the city about $5,000 and take less than a year to complete.

The town of Normal in 2008 paid about $52,000 for its bike plan designed by Alta Planning and Design from Portland.

Karch said the bike plan would be formed after a series of public meetings and other outreach efforts to determine where the city should better accommodate bicyclists.

Bike BloNo, which advocates for bicycling as transportation, praised the shared lanes and bike plan proposals.

“Currently there isn’t a clear choice for cyclists to get from the Trail to Downtown,” said Mike McCurdy, a Bike BloNo leader, in news release issued late Monday.

Mary Ann Ford contributed to this report.

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common sense



I bike every day to work. But I also drive! All the time! I'm already paying taxes! And, "common sense," you're assuming bike riders aren't already out there dodging potholes. These proposals will make it safer for cyclists and draw them to on-street bike routes and away from where you drive.


CS I agree. Normal has taken gas tax money and put into the trail. I believe it is time the state puts plates on bike. Require lights. etc. Pay a registration fee to the state and get either a sticker or a plate. All money from the registration(except what the state takes for administrative costs) can go into bike trails.


Bike riders are not exempt from paying taxes. Most also own cars. They're already paying taxes. Using gas tax to encourage additional modes of transportation, like commuting on the Constitution Trail, makes perfect sense. The more people on the trail choosing to bike to work, the fewer cars you'll have to deal with Yeppppppp.


Wah wah your all bunch of selfish crybaby motorist. While you're all crying why don't you tax, ins. Plate, the walkers as well. WAIT! Kids too. Yep you got to do this for toddlers and baby's ln strollers.
Now, what really sucks is these streets are not wide enough. There needs to be more than a "sharrow", there need to be actual lines showing true bike lane. That gives cyclist and motorist boundaries. College and Adelaide has these sharrows. PATHETIC!


Great Idea, a better bike connection between the trail and downtown Bloomington would be most welcomed by both cyclists and drivers.


The city of Bloomington should paint an outdoor boxing ring on Washington St ,in front of Chasers. Then using the newly proposed security cameras. Sell the video on pay per view.

Home Account

Absolutely, let's double the tax on those big honkin SUV's and pick-em-up trucks that are tearing up of our roads. :)

Another good idea is the one presented. Give safer pathways to pedestrians and bicyclists through town and keep them off the highly congested routes. Win win for everybody.

The Resistance

So the City wants to hire the League of American Bicyclists to design bike paths for the entire city? The League of American Bicyclists is a member of the Eco Mobility Alliance formed at the 2007 United Nations Climate Conference and is headed by ICLEI head Konrad Otto Zimmerman. ICLEI is mentioned repeatedly in United Nations Agenda 21 as the go to organization to help push Agenda 21 in communities. In fact ICLEI actually wrote and published a manual on Planning Agenda 21 at the Local level. But yet the city officials continue to claim they have seen no evidence of Agenda 21. Yeah Right.


How exactly does providing space for safe cycling at low cost threaten you? Are you afraid that more bikes means less parking hassles for car drivers? Are you afraid of downtown eateries and coffee shops getting increased business? Are you afraid of a more livable, accessible city? Sometimes local efforts to make things better better have nothing to do with your tin-foil-hat conspiracies -- and in this case all will benefit -- even those who never ride a bike!


You go, jster! This doesn't sound like a top down edict from the UN, but bottom up, grass roots effort helping to make everything you state possible. I agree 100%

The Resistance

This is top down from the Federal Government down to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission through the American Planning Association. Bike Blono was created strictly for this purpose by former Occupy Members with the encouragement of Mayor Koos to give the public the illusion of grass roots bottom up. What we have is top down, bottom up and inside out just like Van Jones preaches.

The Resistance

Also the United States participated in the 2002 UN Johannesburg Climate Conference and came up with a plan of implementation for Bike Paths by forming a partnership that would contribute to Agenda 21 Implementation. The UN calls it a "Global Master Plan for Cycling." The Partnership would work towards the following objectives: Chapters 3,6,7,8,9,10,24,25,34,35,36,37 of UN Agenda 21. The countries were also assigned a time frame for their Cycling Master Plans. The deadline was December 31 2012. The City of Bloomington is one year behind schedule.

Home Account

Thanks for the broken link!
But I now understand it's a global conspiracy! All those 2-wheelers are in fact roaming commies that are out to destroy our American way of life!!! (be very afraid)

We have to be careful to assure that the only way to travel around Bloomington is by the good ol American SUV and Pickup truck. That'll assure those commie pedestrians and cyclists will be landlocked and can't interfere with our beloved town.

The Resistance

Home Account I know you are uniformed. Perhaps you should check out the"Press Release on Sustainable Development" from the William J. Clinton Presidental Center. June 14, 1993 on the one year anniversary of Agenda 21 announcing the creation of "the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development. The Council according to the White House was formed to "Respond to Agenda 21 Recomendations." It also says a plan would be submitted to the "United Nations Council on Sustainable Development to help ensure implementation of Agenda 21.
J. Gary Lawrence appointed to the President's Council on Sustainable Development wrote a Paper titled "The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium." He also presented it in a speech in the UK. J. Gary Lawrence appointed by President Clinton stated "The segment of our society who fear a 'one-world government'...through which our freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected offical who joined the "conspiracy" by undertaking local Agenda 21. So, we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or SMART GROWTH."
Or maybe you should go to the Congressional record. 102nd Congress 1991-1992 H.CON.RES353.RFS (B) The United States Government should encourage and FACILITATE, at ALL LEVELS of community and sectors of society, appropriate means for adopting individual Agenda 21 plans of action, including the establishment of LOCAL, COUNTY< STATE, BUSINESS and otherboards and commissions for acheiving sustainable development.
(C) The President should establish an effective mechanism to plan initiate, and coordinate United States Policy for implementing AGENDA 21. Home Account if it is actually happening it is not a Conspiracy. Good Day.

Home Account

I wouldn't say so much that I'm uninformed, but I do love a good conspiracy theory. I enjoy your posts relating just about anything and everything including providing a safe route for bicycles and pedestrians to travel as having global conspiratorial significance.

While we're at it, let's blame Bush. I saw a picture of him on a bike

Euler 314


Oh, I get it now. You've got it in for anyone in fire, police, nursing or military occupations.


The Resistance

Home Account You stated " I enjoy your posts relating just about anything and everything including providing a safe route for bicycles'" By itself safe bike routes may indeed be a good thing. However, there is a much bigger picture than simply bike routes. If Agenda 21 was implemented all at once there would be a revolt by the American people. As a result they simply install framework one piece at a time. If you support bike routes great, but keep an open mind in the future as to why certain things are pushed. For Instance HUD may soon have the authority to override local zoning ordinances in order to build apartments on any block on in any city in America regardless of what the local community has already zoned the property for and this right out of Agenda 21.

Home Account

Mr. Resistance,

Oh there is evil out there for sure, but sometimes a bike lane is just a bike lane and not part of some grand conspiracy to change America as we know it..

Euler 314


Well, now that the president has taken all the guns, and made them all get gay married, it's only logical.


So what? I mean, really. Let's say it's all true. So what? You don't have to use the on-street bike routes. They're not going to impede your travel. Cyclists will be safer. Let's say everyone in Bike BloNo and on Bloomington City staff and council has been brainwashed to favor bike lanes. So what? I just don't see the harm. In fact, a little less obsession over Agenda 21 and a little fresh air, exercise, and sunshine might do you a little good! GO U.N.!!!


Resistance, relax. Take a breath. It's a bike lane. Just a bike lane.

Get some sun. Get on a bike and try out Constitution Trail this afternoon. You'll like it. And you'll have the satisfaction that though the UN intended the Trail for evil, you stuck it to the Man and used it for good.

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