Below is a letter released via e-mail by Bill Brady's campaign.

Dear Friend,

I'm sending this personal note to say thank you for your loyal support for our campaign.

After a careful, exhaustive review of Tuesday's electoral results, and for the good of our state, earlier today I called Governor Pat Quinn to offer my concession, and to congratulate him for his victory in one of the closest elections in Illinois' history.

As you know, I am passionate about the principles we fought for throughout our campaign.

After 3.6 million votes were cast, our campaign fell short by a razor-thin margin of one half of one percent.

These results show our principles were heard by millions of supporters hungry for change. While this election has ended, I will never stop fighting for you, and for every family in Illinois.

In closing, I'm sharing with each of you the remarks I delivered at a news conference earlier today announcing my decision.

My family, my running mate Jason Plummer, and I embarked on this long journey together because we believed then -- as we do today -- that Illinois is the greatest state in our nation.

Along the way, we met millions of families who -- like many of you -- are concerned that their children won't have the same opportunities to pursue their own dreams at home in Illinois.

Our message was simple: we cannot tax, borrow and spend our way to prosperity.

We ran on a promise to make government live within its means -- like our families and small businesses do every day.

We said raising taxes hurts the very people who need the most help.

And, we said job creation must be our Number One priority.

Those principles were true then, and they are true today.

But, we also said that campaigns are not about politicians.

Campaigns are about people. And the people have spoken.

After days of careful, exhaustive review, it appears our campaign has fallen short by less than one percent out of 3.6 million total votes cast by the people of Illinois.

Today, I concede this race, and congratulate Pat Quinn for a hard fought campaign.

To my family, especially my wife Nancy, thank you for your unwavering love and support. You are everything to me.

To my loyal and hard working staff, know that Jason and I are profoundly grateful for your sacrifice, and your countless hours of hard work over the course of this campaign.

You never let me down.

I promise that, in time, the pain over this tough loss will subside, and will give way to a commitment to once again serving the people of Illinois.

To our supporters, and to the millions of people who cast their votes for us, I thank you for your trust and your faith.

You sent a strong message across the bow: its time to stop putting the special interests before the people's interests.

To my colleagues in the state legislature, I look forward to continue serving with you as we make the hard choices necessary to solve our fiscal crisis, and to deliver vital services without raising taxes on struggling families and businesses.

The election has ended, but my commitment to bringing people together, and to solving our fiscal crisis will continue without fail.

We cannot afford a return to politics as usual.

I will never stop fighting for what I believe is the only true path for a stronger future -- a government that lives within its means, and that puts people before politics.

I hope the Governor will work with me, and with others, to solve this fiscal crisis, and to address the challenges standing in the way of opportunity and prosperity for all the people of our great state.

Again, I am so grateful for your support. You can be proud of all you helped to achieve, for not standing on the sidelines, and for hearing the call of service to our great state of Illinois!


Bill Brady

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