BLOOMINGTON — The unsuccessful candidates in Bloomington’s mayoral election said Wednesday they’re not necessarily through with local politics, though one at least will not run again for an elected position.

Tari Renner won Tuesday’s election with about 51 percent of the vote, with all but three of 21 voting zones swinging in his favor. Lex Green took about 13 percent and John Hanson took about 36 percent.

“I’m out of public-sector stuff. I’ve done my time,” said Hanson, a former alderman and Bloomington District 87 school board member. He said he thinks he’d like to mentor members of his campaign team to get involved in politics.

Hanson said the local election was affected by residents being “worn out” from the national election in November and “confused or uninformed or ill-informed” on local issues.

He repeated his earlier criticism that hefty donations to Renner’s campaign could make it difficult for him to be objective on personnel issues.

Green said he’s not committing to any future political efforts but he “always leaves the door open.”

He said Renner’s campaign strategy was an “overriding cause” in the results. “He was very organized and had been working for much longer than we had at this,” Green said.

“As for our weak showing, I do think that party politics entered into a lot of that,” he said of the officially nonpartisan race.

He said he talked to many college students who liked his Libertarian message but had already taken the side of Renner, an Illinois Wesleyan University professor who served as a Democrat in the McLean County Board. On the other side, “a lot of hardcore Republicans, even though they agreed with me more on the issues, they voted for John because he had a more solid ‘R’ after his name,” Green said.

Green said he believes his efforts resulted in new believers in Libertarian philosophies.

Renner, on the other hand, said this year’s election results showed “partisanship didn’t stick.”


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