BLOOMINGTON — Bloomington Finance Director Patti-Lynn Silva is stepping down, but she isn't going far away.

Last month Silva approached interim City Manager Steve Rasmussen and proposed she transition to the city's chief accounting position "due to personal reasons," said Rasmussen.

Silva told The Pantagraph that she wanted to step down so she could create a better balance between her personal life and career.

"It was my decision 100 percent. This was a tough decision to make, but I've made peace with it," said Silva. "I think it's the stress level for me, and me wanting to be home more ... I think it's time for me to be on a bench for a little bit.

"I thought this could be an opportunity for me to still be here, and I enjoy what I do. They can tap me off the bench when they need me."

She will fill the position that's been vacant since Paulette Hurd retired in June.

"The chief accountant's position is a more narrow focus. It would allow me to still do what I love, municipal finance, and also be home more and be more present in the lives of my family."

"Patti-Lynn has done amazing work for the city and helped oversee a number of improvements to the city's financial operations," said Rasmussen.

Silva was hired as city finance director in May 2012.

"I am extremely proud of the time I have spent working with the council and the work that has been accomplished over the last five years," said Silva.

Silva's current salary is $134,350. Her new salary and compensation has not been finalized, but an adjustment is anticipated, said Bloomington Communication Director Nora Dukowitz.

Silva will report to the new finance director. 

"My thought is the city may have to get an interim (finance director) for a bit," said Silva. "It makes sense to me that they might not want to fill it until they have a new city manager because that's a pretty key (administrative) position."

Rasmussen said there is no set timeline for when Silva will transition to her new position.

"It will not impact the current budget cycle or preparation," he added. 

Rasmussen is slated to present to the council a proposed balanced budget on Feb. 26 for the city's fiscal year that begins May 1.

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