BLOOMINGTON — If you were walking the dog, jogging or even driving around about 6 a.m. Thursday, you might have seen it.

A large fireball, quickly de-termined to be a meteor, was spotted in the sky about 6:04 a.m.

The American Meteor Society received more than 220 reports Wednesday morning with witnesses from all over —Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin —in addition to Illinois. The general description was that a bright light was moving across the morning sky.

Among them was Eric Laufenberg of Lincoln, a meteorologist with the Lincoln-based National Weather Service, who said it was easier to see the meteor in the Midwest because it was still dark here at the time.

Once he realized what it was, he wished he’d taken a photo.

Though it was clearly seen in Central Illinois, the meteor actually fell in eastern Indiana, he said. “People always mid-judge distances,” he said, noting some people thought it was near Peoria.

The meteor society says on its website,, that September has been a busy month for fireballs in the United States — the one on Wednesday was the 13th “significant event” so far this month, and the most in the history of the online AMS Fireball Report.

The society defines a significant event as a fireball reported by more than 25 witnesses.

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Something bigger is on its way...


saw it on the way to work...highlight of my day.

Euler 314

Awesome colors -- orange and green.

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