BLOOMINGTON — Two streets near City Hall reopened to motorists on Thursday after repairs were made to two sewer cave-ins and a manhole,  along with asphalt street patching.

The two sewer cave-ins discovered last week forced the city to close East and Olive streets around City Hall, 109 E. Olive St., so that city public works crews could remove the failed service pipe and replace it with a new pipe.

No one was aware there was a problem with the sewer at City Hall until crews discovered the cave-ins while repairing a failing brick manhole and patching asphalt at the intersection on the east side of the building, said Bloomington Public Works Director Jim Karch.

As they do before resurfacing any street, the city staff first inspected the sewer conditions under the streets, using video cameras inserted into the sewers around the manhole.

That's when city crews found that the sewer service for City Hall was failing in multiple spots, causing the cave-ins, said Karch.

The manhole repair and asphalt patching was expected to be completed by Monday night's City Council meeting, but the need for wider repairs extended the street closures.

The area was opened to traffic Wednesday night, and then closed off temporarily early Thursday morning so crews could lay down one to two tons of hot asphalt at the intersection, said Karch. The streets were reopened shortly after 11 a.m. Thursday.

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