In response to the conversation between Mr. Soderlund (YourViews, July 7) and Mr. Lizakowski (YourViews, July 25), I would like to point out that capitalism and socialism are extremes on the spectrum of economic systems.

We as intelligent beings possess the intuitiveness to create a system that avoids the pitfalls of both. America is combining only the maladaptive practices of each of these systems, and has arrived at an economy in which government and industry are one in the same, and the only folks reaping the benefits.

Absolute capitalism and absolute socialism do not work. Just look at the collapses of France and the Soviet Union. While the economic systems of these two countries were opposites, the outcome was the same: The people were reduced to absolute poverty.

Lizakowski fails to mention the unseen rich of Wall Street and the financial sector, who pay no taxes due to offshore banking and receive taxpayer bailouts. Soderlund fails to realize that natural selection in all of its forms is a force of nature. If we as the people of this great nation wish to survive, we will need to do a lot more than talk.

It is time to elect officials who will work for us, instead of those who serve only the sources of their personal wealth and/or campaign contributions. The vote is the sheathed sword held by the people. The time is now for us to wield it.

Murphy Richard, Bloomington

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