This is in response to Donald Kaul’s column that was printed April 4, “Obstructionist antics signal GOP’s demise.”

I’m ashamed for even reading this drivel, and I’m officially asking The Pantagraph staff to find a more credible columnist to print in their paper. Maybe they could consider Allen Combs, Paul Krugman or Eleanor Clift. Anyone of those writers would do less damage to the left.

Rather than writing lies, ignoring facts and generally being a hypocrite, they surely could present a more palpable distortion of the truth.

In regard to the column, depending on which poll you reference, the majority of Americans were against Obama’s health care bill — now law. I would surmise that it wasn’t because of the sweeping change or increased taxes, but how he and his congressional cronies went about passing the legislation — closed door, back alley bribes and general intimidation, of which I have no real proof, of course.

Republicans offered numerous alternative plans and solutions, such as increased competition across state lines, but this and many others were turned down.

Labeling this party as anti-immigrant or anti-civil rights is extremely offensive to me, and it should be to anyone else associated with this party. I’m not sure what Mr. Kaul is referring to with these claims, but I can tell you that the Republican Party is pro-Constitution, pro-moral values and pro-America.

Mr. Kaul’s last laughable comment was for the Republican Party’s demise. I think I remember a dictator from Iran who has similar ideals.

Ben Funk, Normal

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