I am writing on behalf of my granddaughter. She has trouble with her teeth. We have tried on several occasions to get her help, but, because she has medical card, she is supposed to wait. How do you wait when you have infection in a tooth?

Her face is all swollen. We went to the hospital to get her pain medication and an antibiotic, but it’s not helping. We did not get help from the dentist that PATH suggested.

Why do we have to suffer for being on a medical card? Aren’t we human, too?

The doctor she had before refused to see her because her mother owes them $55. Where is their heart? We have to be on a waiting list, if we could pay it.

She is 18 years old and shouldn’t have this problem, but that’s the way we are treated. We have called several dentists in the area, but they don’t take the card. She can’t get a job because she is in too much pain. It’s not fair, is it? My granddaughter is a really pretty girl but is too shy. She won’t smile because of her teeth. Again I ask, why must she suffer this way?

Glenna Prewitt, Bloomington

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