I wish to comment on the statement of Mr. Jay Groves, Illinois State University's chief of staff, that appeared in The Pantagraph on April 16.

He outlined three options the university had concerning the payout to former ISU President Timothy Flanagan. The university chose to pay Mr. Flanagan $480,000 to get out of town.

Mr. Groves states, "people can feel free to argue that ... but now the university is moving forward."

I am wondering why the university is "moving forward" when it has not solved the problem. If ISU does not develop contracts to future employees that protect the interest of taxpayers' money and people who donate money to the university, then maybe it is time for Mr. Groves to "move on." Maybe that is not a good idea for him to "move on." I wonder how much we would have to pay him to do so.

John Anderson


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