The letter “Could there be two different Bibles?” (Pantagraph Feb. 10, 2013), poses an interesting question. The author apparently wants to justify his positions on homosexuality, abortion and deficit spending by stating that Jesus never mentions these subjects. There are many things Jesus never mentions in the New Testament, such as child pornography, which would not be pleasing to Him. However, Jesus repeatedly referred to scripture, thereby validating all of it. Scripture is clear about homosexuality and abortion. Deficit spending is a bit trickier, but one could make a case against it with a bit of Biblical research in the realm of financial propriety.

Jesus was concerned about the downtrodden and those in need, but He never skirted the issue of sin. There is only one Bible, and it would be wise not to distort what it says. The Bible is subject to skewed logic and outright unbelief all the time. But God makes the rules, and we are ultimately accountable to Him.

Alan Swanson


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If you insist upon taking everything in the Bible literally then you must believe that Adam and Eve were the starting point of the human race. And, if that were true WE would all have to be the product of "Incest". As with the earlier letter writer, you blindly follow the false notion of only one Bible. That assumption is clearly False - Tora, Koran, KJ Bible++++, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine & Covenants......In the year 2013 Religious Ignorance IS alive and well(???). I profess a fair bit of ignorance too.....


If you read the King James Bible you can find where religions like the Muslim religion came from. And probably all the ones worshiping idols or whatever. However, I would love the author to read Romans. It says pay your taxes and import duties gladly. Because government workers need paid. It also say to pay your debts. I wonder how many people whine about moochers yets they have gone bankrupt as in not paying their debts. That is another subject. However, if everyone would pay their taxes from the rich to the poorest and everyone would pay their debts from the richest to the poorest think about what this nation would look like. And then if you could cut out the lying and distorting and get people to use their brains. Naturally the debt will be higher than it ever has been, that is also why pay and everything involved economically unless you count our interest rates, is also higher. You need to look at percentages and you need to look at the whole picture and you need to look at reality. I truly wish some could get out of the partisan hatred mode and sit down and think what is happening in our society right this very minute, and what would be the best way to correct some of that. And then if they would apply the knowledge that is out there about who wants to do what they would be surprised at who has the best interest of this country in mind. And who wants nothing to do with fixing the situation in the slightest.


My wife and I ate dinner several years ago in North suburban Boston. The restaurant's owner pointed out an old church up the hill were the tax exempt status of religious institutions started. What seemed like a logical idea to the pastor 100's of years ago has resulted in a blatant rejection of what Jesus is quoted as saying:, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and what is God's what is God's.

Everyone needs to pay their fair share of our debt. The Bible says so.


I think God would roll his eyes today at the lack of heart and common sense we apply to study of His word. And the awful hatred we His words to justify.

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