I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Bloomington City Council for voting unanimously in favor of expanded bicycle accommodations on city streets.

Bike lanes and other similar treatments have been shown to improve safety for both bicyclists and drivers.

From an economic development perspective, it’s a great common-sense move; it costs next to nothing, will bring people to the downtown area, and will attract to the community young, skilled workers like me who are choosing alternative modes of transportation in record numbers.

As chair of Illinois Wesleyan’s bike committee, I would also like to thank the council for recognizing the educational aspect of the sharrows they’ve approved. One of the things I see bikers doing all too often is riding in the wrong place, either against the flow of traffic or on the sidewalk. Sharrows are a phenomenal way to show cyclists where they need to be.

The bike committee at IWU is thrilled that the council has decided to launch this project with a connection from our campus to downtown. I expect this safe route will encourage our students to spend more time downtown.

Finally, given the poor state of our pavement, it’s worth noting that bicycles do far less damage to our roads than cars do over time. If more people start to choose bikes over cars for more trips, all this money we’re about to spend on our roads will take us much further into the future.

Michael Gorman


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As I did not get to attend the meeting and hear the comments, did they happen to mention that it is okay to trail ride in those lanes also?


Only if you have licence plates attached to you horse. The front plate must be neatly hung from the bit with battery power LED for night riding. The manure bag must also have a licence plate with flashing red LED. And I think the kids will most likely enjoy seeing your horse.


Will bike riders suddenly begin to obey all the traffic laws now that there will be bike lanes?


They will. Just as much as motorists always come to a complete stop, don't sneak through on a red, use their turn signals, don't text and drive, and always drive at or under the speed limit.

Pist'L Packin' Mama

BUT will cops stop them like the autos who are guilty of these violations?


Michael, you get an "A" for effort, but don't be shocked when drivers don't understand what the "sharrow" markings mean. We have drivers in B-N who still don't understand the concept of dual-left-turn lanes, and those have been around for many years.


If you would be so kind, 'Holstein', while I put the front turn lights on, could you pin the rear lights on to my stallion and turn them on?


No Way catlbyer16 ! I have to much respect for horses to do such a thing. That is why I specifically suggested the manure bag accessory. But since Halloween is just around the corner. Might I suggest a lit up Midnight Cowboy outfit. Then you and Ratso could share a cup of hot cider at the Castle Theater.


No thanks. I'll just us hand signals. You do remember those, right?


Researchers found that for every kilometer traveled by bike instead of by car, taxpayers saved 7.8 cents (DKK 0.45) in avoided air pollution, accidents, congestion, noise and wear and tear on infrastructure. Cyclists in Copenhagen cover an estimated 1.2 million kilometers each day –- saving the city a little over $34 million each year. Put that in your cheek and chew it.


Congrats bike riders for winning this small battle. Now let's get you past "having your cake and eating it too." Let's see you get license plates for those seasonal rides of yours and pay insurance premiums as well. Just the other day, a friend of mine's car was run in to by a bike rider approaching from the wrong side of the roadway completely disregarding all rules of the road. THis bicyclist caused approximately $2000 worth of damage to my friends vehicle. I would personally like to have the opportunity to sign a citizens complaint on the irresponsible bike riders that I see. As the city takes on more liability for any accidents that you may have on city roadways, I think it is only fair that you pay a use tax just as all motorized vehicles must pay. Why should you be exempt?

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