ROANOKE — The Roanoke Park District needs money to pay for water for its swimming pool, and will ask voters for help on March 20.

The ballot question requests the right to levy a property tax of 12 cents for every $100 of equalized assessed valuation. The cost for most property owners should be less than $15 a year.

If approved, the Park District could start collecting tax money in 2019. Since the village board raised rates to pay for a new water plant, the park district has to pay an extra $10,000 per year.

Park board member Dennis Zimmerman said the large increase in the park’s water bill disrupted a long-term plan to save money for costly maintenance projects.

One of the big expenses is refinishing the pool's bottom sometime in the next three to five years. Zimmerman said the board has been trying to put away money for that project, but it has been more difficult since the water bill increase.

“We’re not asking for a lot of money; it’s a break-even deal for us,” Zimmerman said. “That’s the way we approached it. We just want to collect enough to pay for the added cost and continue with our long-term goals. It should keep us going operating where we are and planning for where we’ll be.”

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