... to Heartland Community College in Normal, apparently "the" place for all the cool kids who want to be a community college president.

The college has received more than 40 applications from people interested in replacing Rob Widmer, who has announced his retirement.

College board member Jeff Flessner, who is part of the search committee, described the applicants as "a very diverse group" of "high quality folks" from around the country.

The new president will be only the fourth since the college's founding in 1991.


... to Illinois Wesleyan University and Hill Museum and Manuscript Library of Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minn., for bringing "A Year with The Saint John's Bible" to Bloomington.

The large, illuminated fine art edition is the focus of the program, which includes several smaller versions of the volumes. The Gospels and Acts will be at IWU for six months, followed by the Pentateuch for the following six months.

This year, if you want to see the works, your only choices at IWU, Yale and Notre Dame.

Whether your interest is religious, artistic or just curiosity, this is a must-see for Twin City residents.


... to James A. Mack, newly announced manager of the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts.

Mack also will manage the city-owned Creativity Center.

He comes to the Twin Cities from Mesquite, Texas, and San Diego, Calif.

Hey, there

... in all the discussions about Commerce Bank closing its downtown location (it has three other Twin City sites), we do not remember seeing, hearing or writing about the most important loss:

The flashing time and temperature signs on the north and west sides of the building.

No longer can you sit at a stoplight thinking, "Man, it's hot," or "Geez, is it already time for lunch?" and get immediate support for your dreams of air conditioning and chicken salad.

Time's up, apparently.

Hard decisions

... face the Normal City Council after it has started discussing possible cuts to patch a $4.5 million budget deficit.

In addition to some job losses, the council is looking at program cuts and shaving contributions to various local agencies.

Balancing a budget is hard work, particularly when it involves tax money.


... to the idea of building 50 housing units on city-owned property that could provide affordable housing for the poor and those with behavioral health issues.

The David Penn Apartments plan is under review by the Illinois Housing Development Authority. It would be located in the 400 block of East Washington Street, including the site of the former Coachmen Motel.

Such plans face long and arduous hearings before they are approved, but it's good to see that Laborers Home Development Corp. has taken the initiative to use available land in the heart of the Twin Cities.


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