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100 years ago

May 10, 1918: The first dangerous wind storm of the season swept over the area. Trees were uprooted in town, Mackinaw had hail the size of hen’s eggs, and one old timer said “I ain’t never seen none sich in my day.” Maybe not, but we were lucky: overall damage was minor.

75 years ago

May 10, 1943: More than 650 people attended a concert and service plaque dedication at NCHS. The plaque contains the names of more than 250 past students and faculty now serving or who have previously served in the war. It hangs in the school auditorium.

50 years ago

May 10, 1968: Bloomington has been awarded a new $2.6 million post office building. Its location is undecided, since it will require six or seven acres. Wherever it ends up, the new post office is scheduled to open in 1972.

25 years ago

May 10, 1993: McLean farmer John Rehtmeyer plans to build a paintball operation at Funk’s Grove. It’s a combination of tag and hide-and-seek, but a player who gets hit with a paintball shot from a gun is out of the game. Installation of the field is subject to county zoning approval.

Compiled by Jack Keefe;