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100 years ago

May 15, 1918: An Army pilot from Rantoul crashlanded in an oat field near Cropsey. The pilot’s okay, and the farmer served him a fine dinner. The Army sent a truck for the body of the airplane, and the scattered parts were gathered up and shipped back on a freight train.

75 years ago

May 15, 1943: Heyworth is now serving electric power companies from its own power plant. The changeover ends a 10-year fight with a local electric company that went all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court. The high court ruled in Heyworth’s favor.

50 years ago

May 15, 1968: Rear Admiral H. E. Kimmel, commander of the Pacific Fleet when Japan struck Peal Harbor, has died. He lost his job over the attack, blamed for dereliction of duty. Kimmel demanded a court martial to clear his name but never got it. He was 86.

25 years ago

May 15, 1993: The Prairie Aviation Museum unveiled its newest exhibit. It’s a Vietnam-era A7a Corsair II attack bomber. The plane has been freshly painted and reassembled. It had to be dismantled and trucked to Bloomington from Memphis by museum volunteers in 1991.

Compiled by Jack Keefe;