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I agree with our children who are protesting the mass shootings in our schools. It’s unfortunate that the 1994 federal ban on automatic weapons was in place for only 10 years. Since 2004, because of the NRA, there have been no new federal restrictions on the possession or sale of firearms. Though the purchase of automatic weapons has escalated and mass killings have proliferated, the NRA has been able to block even moderate proposals.

I agree with Susan Krups, president of the Decatur Educational Association: “We need to stop repeating history and tackle school shootings head on."  Our young people are doing just that as they begin their crusade to change our country’s perception of the NRA. No longer will the NRA be seen as a benign civil rights organization for hunters and sportsmen, but instead, as advocates of putting guns ahead of children.

Our children will convince their parents, teachers and then their representatives; and finally the public-at-large, shaming them into withdrawing membership and support of the NRA. Their first wave will vote in November for candidates who have already repudiated the NRA. This movement will grow stronger as each wave of young people turn 18 and vote; until they themselves become the people’s representatives.

America’s children have chosen their target well and will succeed in making history, not repeating it.

Sandra Jesse, Normal


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