Leigh Corfman, Wendy Miller, Debbie Wesson Gibson, Gloria Thacker Deason, Tina Johnson, Gena Richardson, Becky Gray, Kelly Harrison Thorp and Beverly Young Nelson have shared stories of Roy Moore making sexual advances on them when they were teenagers.

Jessica Drake, Summer Zervos, Jill Harth, Natasha Stoynoff, Kristin Anderson, Mindy McGillivray, Karena Virginia, Ninni Laaksonen, Cathy Heller, Jessica Leeds, Temple Taggart, Cassandra Searles, Lisa Boyne, Samantha Holvey, Tasha Dixon and Rachel Crooks have described being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.

These are women with feelings, families and rights. Corroborating the reports, for example, Moore wrote a love note in Nelson's high school yearbook, and Trump was recorded on audio bragging about assaulting women, as his usual routine. But both have denied accountability and viciously attacked the character of these women whom they already allegedly attacked before. This is victim-shaming at the highest level in our nation’s history.

So either 25 women have all decided to fabricate painful stories and gotten dozens of others to corroborate the incidents in a grand conspiracy, or there is something to these allegations.

These women deserve to have their testimony heard at the very least. Not according to the Republican Party, which is currently run by Trump, an unapologetic serial perpetrator of alleged sexual violence against women. Perhaps even worse, he is supported at all levels of his party by apologists and enablers who refuse to allow even an investigation of him. The Republican Party is now the party of Protecting Sex Abusers.

R. Philip Grizzard, Normal


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