The Republican Party has become god. The party has supplanted the common good, common sense, ethical behavior and moral thinking. Republican politicians (and many followers) now worship at the altar of big contributors, big business, the super-rich, anti-immigrants and military establishment. Nothing, not sexual abuse, poor children, lack of health care, overshadows the party and its commandments. It is party first (not America first) that rules the lives of Republican politicians.

The recent House of Representatives tax bill is a prime example of party above all things. Common sense — forget it. Common good — not in this tax bill. Social Security, Medicare and other programs relied on by the poor — cut all of them in order to reward big businesses, rich and the military establishment.

Can you imagine what the $600 billion a year now going to the military would do for America? U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood continues to vote the straight party line. He claims to help the middle class with a small tax reduction. He votes against the common good, the poor and the environment.

What I find difficult is that many Christians support this Republican agenda above everything else. The party and its agenda comes before their faith. Instead of welcoming immigrants, they support walls. Even if the politician is a sexual abuser, these people still vote Republican. Global economic inequality doesn’t matter. Big business comes before the Earth and its environment. Are we really thinking through our political positions in light of our faith?

Dennis Kirby, Bloomington 


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