Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives recently released a controversial campaign commercial decried by former Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady as “racist, bigoted, homophobic.” Both Brady and current Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider said these views have "no place in the Republican party." This claim is popular among Republicans, but it is disingenuous and patently false.

The GOP — including in Illinois — has been supporting the bigotry of the Republican presidential administration for over a year, but Republicans still want to pretend that the intolerant views that fuel their party don’t have a place in their party.

Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. He has demeaned minorities and women his entire presidency. Worse are his policies —wholeheartedly supported by the GOP at every level. As a small sample, he has made it harder for minorities to attend college, made it harder for women to get justice after assault or harassment, revoked DACA and legalized discrimination against transgender people in the workplace and the military.

Republican Mike Pence even signed into law as Indiana governor the very "bathroom bill" that Ives’ advertisement demands, and he sits as the party’s chosen vice president.

Hello, folks, this is your party!

Ives’ commercial truly does represent what the views of the Republican party have become: racist, bigoted and homophobic. If you’re a Republican voter offended by Ives, please understand you are offended by your party, both in style and substance. You can accept it, try to change it or leave it, but don’t lie to yourself.

R. Philip Grizzard, Normal


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