I was pleased when U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood held a town hall last April in Washington, Ill. He did so when many elected officials did not. It seemed he wanted to communicate with constituents. So, perhaps he is unaware that voters in McLean County are now being discouraged from visiting his district office.

Last month, three of my friends and I met at U.S. Rep. LaHood’s Bloomington district office to talk to a staffer about upcoming legislation. We are neither paid protesters nor members of Antifa. We are old, retired women who take yoga, wear sneakers and care about our government. When we dropped by, we were told of a new policy that keeps voters from visiting the Bloomington office.

U.S. Rep. LaHood has directed his staff to curtail visits with McLean County residents. The local office is only open two days a week and now meetings must be scheduled weeks in advance. This means legislation will have moved out of the House before constituents can reach out to U.S. Rep. LaHood or ask questions of his staffers.

If you read this, U.S. Rep. LaHood, I hope you will reconsider the policy in your Bloomington office. The primary purpose of having a district office is for constituents to be able to provide feedback to their representative. When you cut off communication, the families of McLean County aren’t represented.

Kay Moss, Bloomington 


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