I'm writing to vote disappointment with McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael. On Oct. 2, a Facebook post sponsored by Michael appeared in my feed, drawing a tenuous connection between the clerk's office and Bloomington Edge manager Charles Welde landing in Las Vegas the night of the recent shooting.

When I asked politely about what seemed to be politicization of a tragedy, Kathy deleted my comment not once, but twice. In a private message, she blamed a spam filter. Then she blocked me from the page. I expect any elected official holding such an important position to be honest, transparent, and willing to answer hard questions as long as they are voiced respectfully. I find Michael's conduct lacking and her sponsored post in poor taste. 

I will be voting for her opponent Nikita Richards in next year's election.

Sarah Lindenbaum, Bloomington


Digital News Editor

Digital News Editor for The Pantagraph.

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