After traveling to Germany to visit our German cousins, I have gained a better perspective about how authoritarian leaders and governments develop and result in devastating outcomes. Our cousins warned us they saw the same tactics being used in America that brought the Nazis to power and then communists to East Germany for many years.

Evidence of Russian election interference and Trump's attempts to obstruct justice, plus not releasing tax returns or divesting from businesses, divisive disinformation flowing from his mouth, and Twitter postings and condemnation of the press show Trump is behaving like an authoritarian dictator.

As a daughter of a Greatest Generation member who fought Nazis in North Africa and attacked fascists on the Italian peninsula, I naturally oppose Trump and white supremacists supporting him. Because I think critically, considering all viewpoints to determine factual support like history, experience, evidence and sources to evaluate information, opinions and choices, I can't support Trump's greedy agenda. It's an agenda based on religious, racial, ethnic and sexual biases which President Bush recently said have no place in America.

Many Greatest Generation members gave their lives to save us from bigoted authoritarians, so honor their courage by thinking critically, voting in 2018, and rejecting authoritarians before it's too late. All of us must dedicate ourselves to the "never again" concept. Trump's Nazi and white supremacist support must not be ignored. In fact, Bannon and the Mercers, his billionaire benefactors who may owe billions in taxes, warrant serious scrutiny.

Linda L. Doenitz, Bloomington


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