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I am certainly glad we elected a “decision maker” to the office of president. A man who leads from the front. A man whose word can build confidence and always tells the truth.

In a televised meeting, he said he would solve DACA. After the meeting he did an about-face. He had several meetings concerning stricter gun registration, supporting raising the age of owning assault rifles and bump stocks — some with Parkland Fla. family members — which he is now running away from. He's dropping all except arming teachers, another bright idea.

His next bright business idea is tariffs on steel and aluminum. Let’s see how many products you can think of that will cost you more if the 25 percent steel tariff and the 10 percent aluminum tariff go into effect? Do you think that this won’t spark retaliation from other countries we trade with or a trade war? The last time we had a tariff, the Hawley-Smoot act in 1930, it contributed to world depression. Of course our astute, history-knowledgeable, well-read president is aware of this.

Finally, Trump's buddy Putin has announced that Russia has a new missile system that can threaten us. Still Trump says nothing. Instead of chastising Putin for his cyberattacks and newest threat, Trump tweets about Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him. Trump supporters and local Republicans should give Trump another term to really wreck this country.

Larry Sears, Normal 


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