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Now we know for sure — Emmanuel Macron is a Democrat! More accurately, he would be if he were an American instead of the president of France. His address, at the end of his elaborate state visit to the U.S., to a joint session of Congress made his allegiance with Democrats crystal clear. His well-reasoned and delivered speech drew multiple enthusiastic standing applause and cheers from the Democratic lawmakers, but almost unanimous stony-faced, glued in their chairs responses from the Republican lawmakers and Trump cabinet members.

Forget all the previous hugs and kisses between Trump and Macron. Macron’s speech clearly put Macron and Trump, along with almost all Republican politicians, in two radically different world views on the importance of the environment for all life, including our children and grandchildren. Two of many memorable lines for me were “Make the planet great again” and ”There is no planet B.”

An important consequence of Trump’s environmental policies is that they benefit the wealthy and harm the poor. Thus, I reluctantly may understand the support of those policies by his cabinet and Republican congressional members who benefit from those policies. They are selfish. But why does his core Republican base support his environmental policies? I hope they will be on the side of the poor and hence the relatively powerless, who suffer disproportionately from a polluted, deteriorating environment.

Herman Brockman, Congerville


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