I would like to applaud the McLean County Zoning Board of Appeals for passing the wind farm in a unanimous decision on to the McLean County Board. We are in a time where municipal budgets are tightening and residents do not want to be taxed more. The decision of the ZBA provides a path for a private company to invest in renewable energy and gaining the tax dollars generated from the project will be a win for the residents of McLean County.

I encourage the elected officials of the county board to pass the project as well. Recently it seems when a developer is coming to the area, the first thing they ask for is tax incentives or rebates. Invenergy is not looking for the taxpayers to foot the bill for the project. According to reports, the wind farm will generate $2.5 million per year in tax benefits, not to mention the jobs that it will create. The money created from the project will turn over multiple times in our community benefiting local workers, residents and businesses; this is a win-win situation. I urge the county board to approve the project.

Mike Raikes, Bloomington 


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