A recent letter to the editor lamented that President Trump is not a patriotic leader. I wonder how different President Trump is unpatriotic compared to many others around the nation.

Perhaps, by how many professional NFL players are protesting via means of kneeling during the national anthem? Old Glory is our banner to rally around. Thousand, if not millions, of brave service members have paid the ultimate price defending our democracy and fighting in defense of freedom all around the world for 241 years.

The least we all can do is unite in patriotic respect with proper etiquette for the national anthem. Plus, Secretary Hillary Clinton allegedly causing unethical control inside the Democratic National Party is not patriotic. In spite of President Trump's often uncharacteristic Twitter use, reading so-called "fake" news from top-tier news companies is an abuse of free speech, an unpatriotic deed.

My point is there are wrongs with many top leaders in our nation. All I can say is I support the Methodist minister who says a Christian should be a Christian more than just on Sunday. Being a Christian on the other six days is evidence of good character. The Bible says to pray for our leaders. I suggest doing that all seven days of the week so that we, as Americans, can all live peaceful lives and be patriotic for our blessed USA.

Leon Kaeb, Bloomington


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