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Diplomate American Board of Pain Medicine
Diplomate Headache Medicine UCNS
Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology
Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management

Dr. Benjamin Taimoorazy
is a board certified  anesthesiologist and the inventor of the non invasive, externally applied  NapasTM airway management device used to improve breathing  under anesthesia, A recipient of Robert D. Dripps, M.D award, Dr.Taimoorazy is intricately involved in educating medical residents and serves on different committees for improving delivery of healthcare services to patients. In 2006 he was voted physician of the year by the employees of  BroMenn  Medical Center in Normal IL.

Dr. Taimoorazy is the author of Before You Go Under, a step by step guide to ease your mind before going under anesthesia. In this manuscript he strives to provide patients with enough information regarding the anesthetic and pain management process concerning surgical procedures. For the past fifteen years he has been involved in the care of a wide variety of chronic and acute pain conditions at the Advocate BroMenn Medical Center.

Why choose Guardian Headache & pain management Institute?

An appointment with our institution will not be just another office visit to see a doctor. It will be a new beginning. Start of a journey and a quest for relief from the unrelenting and agonizing pain and suffering. The implementation of multidisciplinary approach, allows treatment of the physical, emotional, behavioral, vocational, and social aspects of the pain in a more effective manner. It is crucial to emphasize that in this journey members of our medical staff will be with you to guide you every step of the way. High on the list of priorities at the Guardian Headache & pain management Institute is patient education. Misconceptions about nature of the pain and its significance will be dispelled. You may have had many opinions from doctors and other health care providers. There may be variable information and a lot of misinformation.  Through patient education it will be our commitment to unveil the mysteries and clear the air from confusion. Our objectives at Guardian Headache & pain management Institute are plain and simple:

-To decrease subjective pain experience

-To increase general level of activity

-To decrease drug consumption and finally

-To return to employment and full quality of life

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