NORMAL — Illinois State University basketball player Geoffrey Allen has been arrested on a warrant charging him with selling marijuana.

Allen was arrested Wednesday evening on a McLean County warrant issued as the result of an investigation into marijuana sales over the past couple of months, said Normal Police Chief Rick Bleichner. Allen is charged with criminal conspiracy-marijuana and manufacture/delivery of 30 to 500 grams of marijuana.

“It involves narcotics coming into Bloomington-Normal and being distributed here,” Bleichner said, declining to release further details on the investigation.

Allen was jailed in lieu of posting $3,025.

The chief said he does not expect any other arrests in the case.

ISU coach Dan Muller announced earlier Wednesday that Allen, a 6-foot-6 sophomore swingman, had been suspended from the team indefinitely for a violation of team rules.

“I’m very disappointed in Geoffrey,” said Muller in a statement. “He has violated our team standards and has been suspended indefinitely.”

Allen, 20, has played in six games for the Redbirds (6-3), averaging 3.5 points and 2.7 rebounds. He enjoyed his best game last Saturday against Western Michigan, tying his season high with six points in an 85-63 win. He sank a pair of 3-point baskets to go with two rebounds and two assists.

The Los Angeles native joined ISU in the summer. Allen, who is the son of former UCLA and NBA standout Lucius Allen, played for Eastern Washington in the 2010-11 season and then sat out at home last season rehabbing from shoulder surgery.

Allen was granted a waiver by the NCAA in October to play for the Redbirds this season. Transfers from one Division I school to another usually have to sit out a season.

ISU, which is taking final exams this week, faces Morgan State (3-3) at 4:35 p.m. Sunday at Redbird Arena.

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yosemite sam



wow what a shocker. if you told me this guy was in trouble and gave me 3 guesses i would have guessed this 3 times.


I was so mad when I read this article I burnt my brownies!!!

Pd off

He obviously should have chose a school in Washington or Colorado.....what a joke. Pot grows out of the ground, created by God, just like the vegatables in your fridge....why not make those illegal?


This isn't Washington or Colorado......its Illinois and pot etc is illegal!
Its all about the money...........

Pd off

Which is my point ... do different species live in Illinois vs Wash or Colorado? Why legal in some states and not others. How many people have died from! Now alcohol....thats a different story! Yep its all about the money, just ask Anheuser Busch....or better yet the local watering holes - serve em until they fall off the stool.


@BN Resident1- what do you mean african americans? Pretty sure Ive met alot of people (all different races), that smoke. Lets not be ignorant and pull out the race card. Sounds pretty racist to me.


What is it about pot that appeals to me and I'm white? Oh, it's the buzz!

BN Resident1

raciest when are people going to stop worrying about everything being raciest and get on with their lives for heavens sake. Find something productive to worry about.


Who cares it is just pot. Illinois and 47 other states need to follow Colorado and Washington 's lead. I would rather have hard core criminals in jail cells taking up space and feeding them on taxpayer funds then someone doing or selling pot. It is time to realize we cannot build enough jails and they are over crowded. Lets change this law and make the space for the people that really need to stay in jail and off our streets so everyone is safer.


Just pot? You may think you would be safer on the streets until you meet someone driving high on the stuff. It is an escape for anyone that can't cope with the realities life throws....get a up. This is another example of an someone with talent throwing it all away over not just bad judgement but stupid choices....will ya ever learn.


“It involves narcotics coming into Bloomington-Normal and being distributed here,” Bleichner said. Marijuana is not a narcotic. Make legal then maybe my I can get some zzzzzzzzzz.


Dear Pantagraph, thank you for including a mugshot with the story. I would like to see a mugshot with every story anytime someone is charged.

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